AgForce supports new codes of practice for animal welfare

AgForce hailed the state government’s decision to convert Australian animal welfare standards for cattle, sheep and livestock in sales yards and depots into codes of practice.

The new codes of practice, which came into force on July 1, under the Animal Care and Welfare Act 2001, will replace the current voluntary codes of practice.

Indispensable for market access and consumer confidence, the standards demonstrate to industry, international trading partners and the community that Queensland is committed to treating cattle and sheep in a humane and caring manner.

The change was implemented following a consultation process in which AgForce Cattle and Sheep & Wool Boards advocated for the codes to be an exact copy of national animal welfare standards.

AgForce is currently in discussions with the state government’s Agriculture and Forestry Department regarding the implementation of the codes, which includes accreditation programs and how they operate.

In particular, we support that the accreditation requirements for sterilization of cattle are the same as in national standards and are working with DAF to develop an implementation process and timeline that will reflect this in the context of current practices of the industry and seasonality.

While Queensland producers already maintain a high standard of animal welfare, these new codes will bring us into line with other states and territories by enforcing consistent legislation and enforcement across Australia.

All those responsible for the care and management of cattle and sheep in Queensland, as well as all livestock in sales yards and depots, will need to familiarize themselves with the new standards and ensure that they understand what is required. ‘they will be required to do.

It will be the responsibility of anyone in charge of the animal to ensure that these requirements are met. This includes anyone who controls animals, including owners, transporters, operators of sales pens, and anyone employed to manage or handle livestock.

the new codes of conduct are available online, as are the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines.

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