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These Facebook posts from the Detroit Animal Welfare Group showed how they received over 800 parakeets as “gifts.”

Over the holiday weekend, when everyone was busy receiving gifts from loved ones, this animal welfare group in the United States called Detroit Animal Welfare Group received something quite unexpected. They received over 800 parakeets from one inhabitant.

“(…) An inhabitant returned more than 400 parakeets last night. Yes that’s okay 400. We were also in shock but couldn’t turn them down as they were all crammed into 7 cages and were choking and needed immediate help. Thanks to a wonderful team who were able to quickly set up suitable temporary accommodation and miraculously we just received parakeet food, ”begins the caption of the first post in this regard.

They received help from an organization called Birds and Beaks which helped take care of the baby birds. Here’s what the post said:

There were tiny birds and adult birds, the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) shared the following posts about them. They explained in detail how the birds were doing on a daily basis.

By December 27, the number of parakeets had suddenly increased to over 800. The reason was clarified in the caption: “We thought 497 parakeets was a lot… until they delivered 339 more. in boxes this afternoon. The grand total of parakeets surrendered is 836! ”

The group has received much-needed assistance with bird rehabilitation and care from organizations such as Jojo’s Flying Friends, Birds and Beaks, and East Michigan Bird Rescue.

What do you think of this surprise “gift”?

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