Animal charity calls for shock collars ban in Holyrood manifesto

The Scottish SPCA has called for a ban on necklaces and shock collars as they release their manifesto ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections in May.

Better Scotland for Animals presents a series of calls to action that would improve the welfare of pets, wildlife and farm animals.

The Scottish Animal Welfare Charity urges applicants to improve wildlife protection, provide more support to people and pets in need, explore the potential of a National Welfare Register be animal for cruelty offenders and more.

A survey of 2,813 people by ScotPulse on behalf of the Scottish SPCA shows that the majority of Scots support every element of the charity’s manifesto.

Mike Flynn, Chief Superintendent of the Scottish SPCA, said: “The overwhelming majority of Scots are animal lovers and this is evidenced by the results of our survey, which shows that many of them want to see their candidates support the elements of our manifesto.

“Animal welfare transcends political opinion and as the election approaches we will campaign to gain all-party support for our manifesto. It’s time to do better for animals. ”

One of the Scottish SPCA’s calls is for the creation of a national registry for those convicted of animal cruelty, an initiative supported by 97% of Scots.

The charity reaffirmed its position that snares should be banned altogether after dealing with 67 incidents involving pets and wildlife since 2019.

They also found that the ban on shock collars for dogs was 83%.

In addition, the Scottish SPCA would like to see the progress made by the Fireworks Review Group. A report has recommended tighter restrictions and the charity wants the next parliament to enact them.

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