Animal protection officers investigate man who repeatedly run over dog


Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Officers Investigate Suspected Animal Abuse And Intent To Kill Case After A horrible video has been registered. The video showed a man running over his neighbor’s dog, Vers, and backing up to run over the dog an second time.

Neighbor’s house security cameras caught the man running over their dog twice. No arrests have yet been made as animal welfare officers are still investigating the incident, trying to conclude whether it was okay or not animal cruelty or an accident.

the 2 years Golden retriever mix miraculously survived the incident and suffered no life-threatening injuries. She only needed emergency care for her back leg which had been disgusted while being repeatedly overwritten. Unfortunately, the owners had to make To, due to the large medical bills required.

Worms are responding well to therapy and should make a full recovery. She currently lives with her adoptive parents until she is fully recovered.

Hopefully Verse makes a smooth and full recovery and finds a new forever home where she can be safe and loved. Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society raises money for medical expenses. You can donate here.

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