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During this period, the refuge welcomed 818 animals, including 706 dogs and 112 cats. During this period, 324 dogs and 30 cats were adopted, while 342 animals were reunited with their owners, transferred to other rescues or had other live results through trap castration programs or stay at the shelter.

Regan Savage plays with one-year-old Sabrina at the Waco Animal Shelter.

Rod Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

Currently, the shelter only has cats that come by the owner. The shelter uses a trap release program to bring “community cats” back to neighborhoods, where they play a role in suppressing rodents, Rivadeneira said.

“If someone brings a litter box, the first thing we tell someone is to go back and put it back where they found it,” Rivandeira said. “We want these kittens to be with their mom.”

For the animals the shelter hosts, the Humane Society’s goal is to find a match with a great owner, Buzbee said.

“They have the ability to match animals with the right family,” Buzbee said. The shelter only accepts animals from McLennan County, but allows adoptions outside the county to increase the chances of finding animals in the home.

The city of Waco has also stepped up its efforts and is trying to find ways to help the shelter expand its reach.

Councilor Hector Sabido, a member of the Animal Welfare Council, said the city has been working with the shelter to review policies and address needed changes, including offering adoption information in Spanish.

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