Animal welfare alliance formed to fight ‘broken’ system


Australia’s leading animal welfare organizations have joined forces to create an alliance representing 2 million people with a mission to reform what they say is the country’s failing animal welfare system.

The Australian Animal Alliance brings together Animals Australia, Compassion in World Farming, FOUR PAWS Australia, Humane Society International Australia, World Animal Protection Australia and Voiceless, the animal welfare institute.

Meg Good, Bidda Jones and Jed Goodfellow are co-directors of the Australian Animal Alliance.

It will be led by two of Australia’s leading animal welfare figures, Jed Goodfellow and Bidda Jones, who were previously with the RSPCA and Meg Good, formerly with Voiceless.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald and age, Dr Goodfellow said the organization was not ideological or promoting a vegan lifestyle, but simply about bringing Australian animal welfare rules into line with community expectations.

“We are not seeing any progress on animal welfare – the system for creating animal welfare laws and policies in Australia is broken,” he said.


“We have no ideological basis for the organization. It’s just about making sure the system is working effectively and producing strong animal welfare standards and most importantly that the views of the community are actually brought into the process.

He said the organization’s top priority was for the agriculture minister, currently David Littleproud, and the department to be removed from their role as regulator of animal welfare standards in favor of an independent national commission.

“[This is] so we have not simply delegated animal welfare to departments of agriculture and ministers of agriculture where animal welfare is very often overlooked or is seen to be in conflict with their wider goals industry productivity,” he said.


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