Animal Welfare Amendment Bill to “phase out” the export of live animals shows MPI represents economy, not animals


Direct Action Everywhere New Zealand (DxENZ) addressed the Primary Production Committee at 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, December 9 on the proposal to phase out the export of live animals (Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2021).

Sending New Zealand-born cows to ships in China or other countries where no laws exist to protect them is wrong. No one would be extradited to a country where their fundamental rights could not be guaranteed.

When the Ministry of Primary Industries recommended an end to exports of live products in its review, it was to avoid “damage to reputation”; not the benefit for the animals.

These factors show why animals need a ministry of their own. Dedicated not only to their well-being, but to their rights to a decent life. New Zealand has a commissioner for children. A commissioner or an animal ministry is well overdue.

DxENZ is contributing our human voices and many others across New Zealand to insist on an immediate ban on all injustices inflicted on animals, including the export of live animals. Here is our submission in support of an immediate ban on all exports of live animals.

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