Animal welfare federation aims to eradicate rabies in Egypt by 2030


The Egyptian Federation of Animal Welfare Associations (EFAW) announced on Sunday that it aims to eradicate rabies in the country by 2030.

EFAW President Mona Khalil said rabies is a viral disease that spreads among animals and is transmitted by mammals.

She noted that Egypt’s reports of the epidemiological conditions were proven with cows and donkeys, not dogs.

In a telephone interview with satellite channel TeN, Khalil said that the scientific solution for sustainable development in the treatment of street animals is vaccination and sterilization, which will help eliminate rabies completely by 2030.

Egypt is committed to moving forward with the vaccination of street animals to achieve the desired goal, she said.

Khalil also stressed that people should take full responsibility for the annual vaccination of their pets, no matter what, and include periodic veterinary exams.

She concluded that street animals are a social responsibility and that all monotheistic religions stipulate that animals are taken care of.


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