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You could forgive the members of an animal rescue group in Bruce Township if they got a little tired this week after spending Christmas tending to around 500 parakeets.

Then came a second batch on Sunday.

“We thought 497 parakeets was a lot,” members of the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) said in a Facebook post. “Until they put another 339 in boxes this afternoon.”

DAWG activists worked over the holidays to manage the initial 497 birds that were returned to the Rescue Shelter, which operates on a 25-acre farm on McKay Road, near 37 Mile Road and the M- Freeway. 53.

DAWG director Kelley LeBonty told the Detroit Free Press that the son of an area animal collector dropped off the first batch of more than 400 parakeets on Thursday evening. The son said his father kept the birds in cages in a room in his house and spent $ 1,200 a month to feed the birds, according to LeBonty.

Some of the more than 800 birds made it to DAWG last week. FACEBOOK PHOTO

The hoarder just wanted to replicate a few, not revealing how quickly the process had unfolded until it got out of hand.

Several other rescues have stepped up to lend a hand to DAWG. These include Jojo’s flying friends
Birds and Beaks and Bird Rescue of Eastern Michigan.

DAWG activists said they were shocked at the number of birds needing help, as they were all crammed into several cages and “choking on each other.”

The team was able to quickly set up temporary accommodation and, coincidentally, had just received parakeet food to feed the birds.

Rescues are accepting donations to fund veterinary care, shelter and food necessary for their 7- to 15-year lifespan, DAWG said. Shelters also need bird food, cages and stainless steel feeding bowls.

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