Animal welfare is the main motivator to improve truck washing technology


The president of Truck Wash Technologies says animal welfare is the primary driver of efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of equipment and strategies designed to clean and sanitize hog transport vehicles.

Truck Wash Technologies designs and builds bespoke automated truck wash systems focused on complex cleaning applications and is one of the partners involved in a Swine Innovation Pork initiative to speed up and reduce the cost of cleaning and sanitizing trucks. pig transport trailers.

Jyrki Koro, president of Truck Wash Technologies and a member of the Swine Innovation Pork Truck Wash Advisory Group, says finding a cost-effective way to improve the aspect of biosecurity while minimizing downtime is first and foremost.

The goal is to be able to minimize human involvement in the cleaning process and find an economical and efficient method. There are challenges, no doubt.

Cattle are traveling south and disease is spreading, as we have learned through this current pandemic that we are going through. Obviously there is a lot of interest in mitigating the spread of disease and it has been clearly established that animal transport is one of the main vectors of disease transmission from animal to animal. So there are substantial reasons why we want to develop a system like this.

The idea of ​​euthanizing and destroying animals when they become infected in various industries, from the research we’ve done, the cost is quite significant, so obviously animal welfare is first and foremost in the process of reflection.

~ Jyrki Koro, Truck Wash Technologies

Koro recognizes that not every trailer is the same, so there’s no silver bullet.


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