Animalis Fabula film festival celebrates and cares about our relationship with animals: check out some creature features this weekend – screenshots

David Giovanni and his cat Lucky, two of the stars of Daddy Cat, screened this weekend as part of the Animalis Fabula Film Festival (Photo by Eric Yang)

The World Animal Awareness Society is an Austin-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing the necessary resources for animal welfare around the world. This year, the organization’s impact extends with the in-person debut of the Animalis Fabula Film Festival, a selection of diverse films about or including our non-human friends.

Festival director Tom McPhee said that while the festival is open to all kinds of animal films, many of those submitted and selected are geared towards activism. “Even the most comical movies, they are very powerful and very powerful and remind us of the relationship we have with the animals all around us.”

With a history of using storytelling to amplify animal welfare awareness for years, WAWS has been able to expand its presence with the One-Time Film Festival by partnering with collaborators such as the Rainforest Partnership. The non-profit organization works for the conservation and preservation of tropical rainforests and will present a selection of films from their own organized and familiar program to Austin audiences, Films for the Forest.

However, the festival will also bring new talents and perspectives into the discussion, such as Dads cats. Mye Hoang’s first documentary, it follows how men’s lives have changed because of their relationships with their cats. Hoang said the feature examines the relationship between animals and gender roles while viewing animals as an expression of compassion and healing, and that this unique festival is the perfect platform to shine a light on these issues. “I am very aware of the communities that need to be represented and that need to be seen,” she said. “I feel that about Animalis Fabula because I know I’m going to have a good time with 100% animal lovers. It’s a safe space. People with cats are often seen as weird, but here , we can put on our T-shirts or our cat ears and we feel good about it. “

Not all animals face such a fate from mankind. Michael Webber’s The conservation game investigates the dark side of conservationism, particularly the plight of big cats in private American collections and where so many of these animals come from. Producer Jeff Kremer said, “The conversation is not just about the people who exploit these animals, but how our country and the world view animals.”

With so many issues and so many animals to discuss, McPhee said he hopes the festival becomes an annual event. “We want to take this Thanksgiving weekend and make it a celebration of animals this Thanksgiving weekend and every Thanksgiving weekend.”

Screening of the Animalis Fabula Film Festival at Highland Galaxy, 6700 Middle Fiskville, November 26-28.

Free public screenings and events at the Mueller Amphitheater in Lake Park, November 26-27.

Filmmaker workshops at the Holiday Inn Midtown, 6000 Middle Fiskville, November 27, noon to 6 p.m. Free and open to the public.

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