APD to showcase new series of medical power supplies and lithium-ion inverters at CMEF 2021

APD to showcase new series of medical power supplies and lithium-ion inverters at CMEF 2021

The CMEF (China International Medical Equipment Fair) is one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in the world and always showcases the latest professional medical equipment available in the global market. The 2021 exhibition will be held May 13-16 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Tens of thousands of professional medical products from producers around the world will be on display. More than 4,200 global medical, industrial and commercial equipment companies and R&D units will be represented.

APD is a leading brand of custom power supplies for medical devices and a long-term partner of many of the world’s leading medical equipment companies. APD has been developing medical power supplies for over 20 years and will present a full line of highly reliable medical power supplies. Among these will be our Lithium-Ion (Uninterruptible Power Supply) UPS products, which are a new trend in personalized medical power and are useful in virtually every other industry. Come and visit us at booth number: 8.1 D17 to see these new special products.

“High stability and reliability”, power supplies that put the minds of medical customers at ease

Mark Tang, APD vice president of the power systems industry, said, “What matters most to customers in the medical industry is the quality, stability and reliability of power supplies. APD can meet customers’ most stringent medical power requirements. has won the long-term trust of leading medical device manufacturers “.

This is indeed the case. APD is committed to providing personalized medical power solutions and focuses on innovative R&D in the areas of network communications and medicine. We have won the approval of our customers many times with outstanding product quality and R&D capability. APD has received year after year “Best Product Quality” and “Best Partner” awards from the world’s leading manufacturers of communications and medical equipment. APD production base has passed ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality Management System certification and our full range of highly reliable medical power supplies comply with IEC60601-1-2 4th edition international medical safety standards. All of our products have a lifespan of over 10 years and are widely used for use with CPAP machines, ventilators, oxygen concentrators, humidifiers, medical monitors, syringe pumps, ultrasound equipment portable, electric hospital beds, endoscopes, IVDs and many other medical applications.

Appearance of small and light products

The “small size and light weight” of the highly reliable APD medical power supply series is their main feature and enables them to be used in a wide range of small portable devices. This series also has built-in LED working status indicators and they are dust and water proof to IP22 class. The housings of the device are made of UL94V0 flame retardant grade material, which has a higher safety specification than the standard, and all the housings are given anti-wear protection treatment. The patented anti-break outlet cable arrangement allows for multiple bends and is used to ensure the greatest convenience and durability of the product.

Several designs of security protection mechanisms

All APD medical power supplies have multiple safety protection: very low leakage current, high tolerance to electrostatic discharge, as well as protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating. They can be used on all types of medical instruments and devices without any risk of electric shock to patients or operators. Another thing worth mentioning here is the excellent cooling arrangements and anti-electromagnetic interference design. These open-frame power supply products have better than normal cooling and anti-interference performance, are extremely safe, and can be used with any medical equipment without a fan.

Peak current can be over 300%

The peak current of APD medical power supplies can be greater than 300%. This allows a stable response to the transient high current needs generated by medical equipment. This series of power supplies is also very quiet. The operating noise is extremely low and does not interfere with the necessary silent healing atmosphere in the patient environment.

Lithium battery applications are becoming a trend and global sales of APD lithium-ion inverters are among the highest

The rapid development of lithium battery technology and the significant improvement in safety have caused lithium-ion inverter applications to become the trend. APD has extensive experience in power product R&D and is actively developing a line of lithium-ion inverters. We have earned the trust of many of the world’s leading, first-line manufacturers through our exceptional custom research and development capabilities. The pace of R&D at APD continues and we have become leaders in global sales of lithium-ion UPS products for medical equipment, industrial automation, security monitoring and transportation.

APD will launch several new lithium-ion UPS products for medical applications at CMEF 2021 in Shanghai. These new products are all simple, quiet and white, to match the general environment of the medical facilities where they are intended to be used. Most importantly, these devices are small, lightweight, and have a long lifespan. They will undoubtedly become the power supplies of choice for medical equipment.

Small, light and long life

The useful life of an APD lithium-ion inverter is up to 3 times that of a traditional lead-acid battery inverter. In addition, the volume of a lithium battery is about 1/3 that of a lead-acid battery of the same capacity. This means that the APD lithium ion inverter can be much more compact and lightweight. These smaller devices can be easily placed in tight spaces such as nursing stations and on medical equipment pedestals. They are suitable for installation on medical carts and other mobile diagnostic and treatment equipment.

Safe and quiet, with intelligent control

The design of the APD Lithium Ion Inverter (T-48V480WL) is fanless and the devices are virtually silent in operation. This ensures that when installed near patients, they will not cause any disturbance. The low leakage current design also ensures patient and staff safety. BMS intelligent battery management system can monitor the battery status in real time, which makes the battery status very easy to monitor.

Uninterruptible power supply is very important for medical facilities. Medical, diagnostic, clinical or surgical equipment all require stable and constant power, as do data centers and terminals. According to Peter Hu, general manager of APD uninterruptible power supply systems, APD lithium-ion UPS products are widely used on medical diagnostic and treatment carts, in medical electrical rooms, medical records departments, machinery. self-service patient registration, hospital incubators, hospital isolation rooms and others. They provide the best custom lithium-ion inverter solution for all medical applications.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for medical UPS systems related to rooms, medical equipment and control rooms, etc., remained high. Today, with the global pandemic pressure declining in many places, the market for medical equipment and instruments is recovering to some extent. APD is optimistic about our future market share in medical energy and this will be reflected in our new product line which will be presented at CMEF 2021 in the spring.

APD lithium-ion inverter

Highly reliable medical supplies from ODA

Highly reliable medical supplies from ODA

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