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Recently, the Pennsylvania Senate passed SB 907, a bill that establishes an Animal Welfare Council. At first glance, one would think that an animal welfare council would be good for PA animals. But when you look deeper, this bill is nothing but bad for animals and bad for PA taxpayers.

SB 907 establishes a board that meets at least once during a legislative session to review PA animal laws and make recommendations for legislative changes. As proposed, the PA Animal Welfare Board will be filled with people representing and advocating for the industry, not the animals. The proposed 10-member board will have limited or no expertise or knowledge of the laws they are expected to review, and clearly stacked to allow industry interests to dictate public policy on animal welfare. This advice could give anti-animal interests an opportunity to reverse the hard-won victories that we as animal advocates have worked so hard to achieve for 50 years.

This advice will duplicate and cost Palestinian Authority taxpayers dearly. Why on earth would PA lawmakers propose the creation of another advisory body competing for taxpayers’ money, when we have the PA’s Bureau of Dog Law in place? Dog Law is already responsible for protecting animals, consumers and communities within the PA. Why add more bureaucracy fighting for PA taxpayers’ money when Dog Law fights to fund every budget cycle?

Pennsylvanians cannot afford more reckless government spending. I urge all Pennsylvania taxpayers to contact your PA state representative and ask them to vote “No” on SB 907.

Suzanne S. Gonzalez, Perkasie Pa.


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