Biden tormented by Republican guerrilla campaign and “I did it” stickers

If you see Joe Biden’s photo on a gas pump these days, it’s not a tribute to his incredibly successful energy policy.

The stickers – with Biden quoting the gasoline price of $ 3.50 a gallon and saying “I did it!” – are part of a Republican guerrilla campaign to undermine the Democratic administration. They’ve gone viral online.

And it’s cheap and easy.

A pack of 100 stickers costs just six dollars on Amazon.

You might see the mocking stickers in New Hampshire, the swing state Biden is expected to visit on Tuesday to promote his $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure package that was just passed by Congress.

However, the Democratic president may not get the overwhelmingly positive reception he was hoping for.

New Hampshire is a blue state that is at risk of turning red in the 2022 midterm election, and like the colorful leaves that fall before winter is often a harbinger of cold political winds to come. .

Biden’s approval rating in Granite State is the same as nationwide – appalling. And passing the infrastructure bill won’t change that no matter how much Democrats and CNN celebrate it.

Gasoline pump stickers are similar tactics to what Democrats have done to Republican presidents like Trump. Remember those “Not My President” bumper stickers? So, in a way, Republicans are just returning the favor.

Opponents of Biden also adopted the chant “Let’s Go Brandon” to taunt the president. It’s a PG way of saying something much cruder that has the same number of syllables, but it’s a smart tactic and it drives Democrats crazy.

This is what passes for a basic political strategy these days. The “Let’s Go Brandon” song and “I Did it” stickers have gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok.

New Hampshire is a hotbed of politics, due to the nation’s first primary. Voters have grown accustomed to hanging out with presidents and candidates and aren’t afraid to face them in person.

This is why there are some risks associated with Biden’s visit, although he will be protected on his trip to Woodstock, far from major cities like Nashua and Manchester.

Biden also plans to spend some quality time in the small, middle-class enclave of Nantucket over the Thanksgiving vacation. There’s nothing like going to an ultra-exclusive vacation island to show how the infrastructure bill will help little people in the midst of an economic crisis.

Air Force One is expected to fly straight into the tiny Nantucket airport, and Secret Service will be crawling all over the island, which locals will appreciate, I’m sure.

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