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There is a new debate over the use of electric shock collars to train dogs.

There are calls for New Zealand to follow Britain and ban their use. Source: 1 NEWS

Britain is considering banning their use and there are now calls for New Zealand to follow suit.

The collars are described to give a short, strong jerk to train the animals.

Animal behavior expert Elsa Flint says shock collars are cruel.

“I think it’s inhumane and from an animal welfare point of view it’s just not fair,” Ms. Flint said.

She says there is no benefit to using them and she says she has even seen dogs with burns and abscesses from collars.

“I have worked with dogs that have been traumatized by electric training collars, remote training collars and are so bad that they get redirected to their owners. They get aggressive with their owners. They get much more. aggressive. “

In addition to being misused to inflict unnecessary harm and suffering, there is also some evidence that electronic collars can redirect aggression or generate anxious behavior in pets, exacerbating behavioral and health problems. underlying health.

Britain bans necklaces, they say they inflict unnecessary suffering.

But, other animal experts say it’s an effective training method.

Shock collars are also used to train dogs not to kill or disturb kiwis and have the support of the Department of Conservation.

Dogs are fitted with electric collars and if they approach native birds, they are punished with a small electric shock.

The government says it does not intend to ban electronic collars here and that the Dog Welfare Code already states that training aids should not be used in a way that causes a unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress.

Police say they only use e-collars as a last resort, instead they use positive reinforcement techniques to train police dogs.

Experts say this is the best approach.

Ms. Flint says there is simply no merit in using them.

“You can totally destroy your dog using them, there are much better ways to train a dog.”

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