Caring for Ohioans as One Buckeye Family – President’s Office

The following message was sent to faculty and staff in the State of Ohio on Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

Dear colleagues,

The Buckeyes for Charity 2021 Campaign is now in progress. Until November 5th, we can once again show the strength of our caring community by making a difference for people and causes across Ohio. Hope you join me and the other Buckeyes in showing how much we care about each other.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio nonprofits have provided essential services and support to our neighbors across the state. This year, this need is no less. These organizations still need our help to ensure that their vital work continues.

Through Buckeyes for Charity and our more than 850 partner agencies, your generosity can enhance initiatives focused on food security, health and welfare, housing, animal welfare, education, advocacy and the environment, and much more. Every commitment we make supports these important causes and the families, pets, communities and the future they build. Think about giving.


The Ohio State Buckeyes for Charity campaign makes it easy for you to help. You can donate by credit card, check, cash or payday deduction and choose to donate as a one-time or recurring donation. Visit to learn more about the impact of your support and make your commitment.

We can accomplish more together than we can alone – something we’ve proven time and time again by raising over $ 1 million a year through Buckeyes for Charity. We will continue Caring for Ohioans, care for one another and uplift our communities.


Kristina M. Johnson, PhD

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