Animal Welfare

Friendly pelicans breed better – sciencedaily

Pelicans in captivity who are free to choose their own friendships are more likely to breed successfully on repeated occasions, new research suggests. A social media analysis of captive Great White Pelicans, conducted by the University of Exeter, found that providing social choice within the herd and allowing for the …

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Blotter from the Montrose Police Department |

00:03:29 Medical, City of Montrose 01:57:08 Assault, 330 E Main St; Town Hall Tavern 02:04:46 911 Open, 2029 Essex St 03:03:15 Field Interview, 1329 S Townsend Ave; Safeway 03:22:13 Margarito Salgado, 23, arrested on warrant from the Montrose Municipal Court x5, Cited for possession of Schedule II and possession of …

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