Campaign – Ban Shock Sat, 18 Sep 2021 10:16:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Campaign – Ban Shock 32 32 Merkel party learns to campaign again in the run-up to elections Sat, 18 Sep 2021 09:09:44 +0000

With the German Christian Democrats (CDU) lagging behind in the polls ahead of next week’s election, People’s Party members are resorting to an activity that had almost become redundant under Angela Merkel: campaigning.

In a medieval square in the northern city of Bremen, CDU leader and Conservative candidate for Chancellor Armin Laschet takes the stage at a campaign rally to the rousing sound of Rocky III’s “Eye of the Tiger”.

With the CDU and CSU, his Bavarian sister party, looking down the barrel of their worst election result in post-war Germany on September 26, Laschet needs all the motivation he can get.

The center-left Social Democrats (SPD) are currently leading the polls, the Conservatives in a position they are no longer used to after 16 years of Merkel: second place.

“I didn’t expect it to be so close,” says Hans-Georg Friedrichs, a longtime CDU activist in Bremen. “Laschet does not have the advantage of being already known. He had to make himself known.

– ‘Start from nothing’ –

“After Merkel, that’s the problem,” admits Kerstin Eckardt, head of a local CDU group. “We are starting from scratch. We have to convince people.”

“This time, it’s a real campaign. It is no longer acquired as before,” adds a colleague of the party.

With her record, Merkel was able to end a crucial televised electoral debate in 2013 with the simple closing words “you know me”.

Bernd Neumann, a CDU veteran and former cabinet minister, agrees that Laschet can suffer from not being a recognizable name.

SPD candidate Olaf Scholz has been finance minister and vice-chancellor of the Merkel coalition government since 2018. “He is well known, he can capitalize on his experience in government,” says Neumann.

Laschet has been the head of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state, since 2017, but has never held a ministerial portfolio.

Elected head of the CDU in January, he only managed to secure the nomination of the Conservative chancellor candidate after a long battle with the most popular Markus Soeder of the CSU.

“If there had been only one candidate, we would have been told: ‘Nothing is happening in the party, you are not a Democrat.’ And with two candidates, we were accused of not being united, “complains Friedrichs.

But activists admit that the standoff between the two has left scars, especially at a time when Merkel’s impending departure has opened a political vacuum and created a real need for new momentum.

“I expected it to be difficult. It had been a long time since we had been second in the polls,” said Claas Rohmeyer, regional MP for Bremen, a former trading town with its own parliament.

– End of an era –

The party that has dominated politics in post-war Germany “is heading for significant changes, which is normal after 16 years,” he says, comparing the Merkel era to that of Helmut Kohl, his mentor, who was in power from 1982 to 1998..

A centrist and sworn European, Laschet pledged to pursue Merkel’s moderate path.

But in an election campaign where climate change dominated discourse, he was criticized for his lack of ambition and new ideas, mainly focusing on tackling bureaucracy to facilitate more sustainable development.

“On major issues, including climate policy, the priority for Germany is to regain its economic strength after the pandemic,” he said at the Bremen rally, before a chorus of boos from climate activists who declare it through a megaphone as “the worst choice for the climate”.

In July, televised footage of Laschet laughing behind President Frank-Walter Steinmeier paying tribute to flood victims stunned the country and eroded the Rhineland’s reputation.

The CDU-CSU alliance, which has never won less than 30% of the vote in the federal elections, currently obtains between 20 and 22% of the vote, the SPD in front with 25% and the Greens around 15%.

“The same tendency can be observed throughout Europe, with the weakening of the main parties”, explains Theresa Groeninger, vice-president of the youth wing of the CDU in Bremen. “The days of stability and large majorities are over. “

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Idaho’s Family Dinner Campaign Seeks to Bring More Families to Eat Together Fri, 17 Sep 2021 18:52:05 +0000

BOISE, Idaho – To encourage Idaho families to celebrate National Family Meal Month, the state’s Office of Drug Policy (ODP) is hosting its third annual Idaho Family Dining Campaign to Bring Families to eat more meals together.

ODP hopes people will join them on Monday, September 27, National Family Day, in preparing and enjoying a meal together and connecting with each other at the table.

They’re giving people a free recipe guide for Idaho’s family dinner for the countryside. They said the guide includes “simple and economical meal ideas, engaging conversation starters, and fun activities.”

Citing the Family Dinner Project, ODP said that regular family dinners are associated with lower rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and other problems, as well as resilience and higher self-esteem.

Families attending National Family Day can share photos from their family dinners on social media using the hashtag #IdahoFamilyDinnerNight.

“Idaho’s Family Dining Campaign is about conversations and connections, and serves as a reminder of the incredible benefits of sharing regular family meals,” said Marianne King, administrator of the ODP.

You can find more information about the campaign and learn how to become a family dinner pro in three easy steps here.

Parents can find additional resources on the ODP Be the Parent campaign site.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk brings back iconic ’90s Indian countryside with a’ diverse ‘twist Fri, 17 Sep 2021 07:07:00 +0000

Leading confectionery brand Cadbury Dairy Milk is bringing back its well-known ‘The Real Taste of Life’ campaign that made it a household name when it launched in 1994. Here’s what has been incorporated into the new-age version of the campaign with diversity and inclusion

The updated version of the just launched campaign reiterates the brand’s current story of generosity while modernizing the campaign to reflect the new and inclusive world.

The new film conceptualized by Ogilvy India, for Mondelez India, shows a young woman scoring a winning race and her male friend unable to contain his joy runs towards the field dancing with shameless joy, to the applause of the crowd. The ’90s campaign had a similar plot and setting, except in this version the guy was shown playing cricket on the pitch and his girlfriend happy with his performance on the pitch was shown making the pitch. jig and cheerful dance of the brand.

The film ends with a powerful message from #GoodLuckGirls in recognition of the new world where women break down barriers and stereotypes and are successful in all facets of life.

The new cinema

Do magic twice

Piyush Pandey, senior adman and chairman of the global executive and creative president, Ogilvy India was closely involved in both the 90s campaign, as well as the current version. In his opinion, it took a brave client in the ’90s to move forward with the original Cadbury Cricket film and it took an even braver client to try and do magic with an iconic film while also mirroring the changing times.

The Old Movie (1994)

Combining nostalgia and emerging cultural codes

  • The film represented the version of the culture that was relevant at the time and worked very well because it was right for its time – in the way it portrays simple joy and celebration, shares Anil Viswanathan, senior director – marketing, Mondelez India. However, it had to make sense in today’s context and highlight emerging conversations about gender, he adds.
  • “In all of our communication, we choose to be at the cutting edge of culture rather than campaigning to provoke controversy,” says Viswanathan. In this case, too, there was a reason to bring her back that was beyond nostalgia. As a brand that has always promoted gender inclusiveness, this contemporary take is our way of recognizing changing times and being gender inclusive, ”he adds.

Rewiring around the ‘generosity’ conversation

  • The film fits well with the conversation about the generosity of the brand that she recently launched around “recognizing the unconfirmed”. It worked as a stepping stone, adds Viswanathan and says that “the role reversal has helped encourage the emerging face of women in society.”
  • The treatment of the film has been kept in such a way that it resonates and finds its relevance among millennials and Gen Z consumers, although they may not be familiar with the previous branding campaign launched more ago. 25 years old.
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Gran Turismo 7 has an always online campaign Thu, 16 Sep 2021 19:56:31 +0000

Gran Turismo 7 has an always online campaign mode. While these requirements are becoming more common, especially in sports and racing games with big career modes, that doesn’t mean the series community is particularly happy with them.

The requirement was subtly mentioned in a PlayStation blog post a day after PlayStation Showcase 2021 on September 8, where the launch date for the driving simulator was finally revealed. Polyphony Digital President Kazunori Yamauchi’s blog post references the return of the Gran Turismo Campaign mode – this is the first numbered GT since 2013 – but underscored this remark with a fine print that “these features require an Internet connection “.

In an interview published Thursday, Eurogamer wanted to immediately clarify what the requirements of the single-player campaign were. Yamauchi told Eurogamer that the GT campaign requires an online connection to play, in order to “globally avoid cheating on the part of people trying to modify save data.”

“The only part of the game that doesn’t require an online connection is the arcade mode, as it has no effect on save data,” Yamauchi added. “But anything that has to do with save data requires a connection. For example, things like livery data too – it’s something that is downloaded from the online server.

Players on the series subreddit and a ResetEra thread are not convinced of the need for the online requirement. “There has to be a way to maintain online integrity without making fun of your paying customers once the servers are offline,” one said.

“Forza is able to separate the line and the campaign,” they added, referring to Forza Horizon 5, which will launch in November for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. “Why not GT?”

Still others have invoked another PlayStation first-party driving sim – Driveclub, which replaced Gran Turismo from 2014 until Gran Tursmo Sportlaunch of 2017, and has been a story of doom for most of that time. While DriveclubThe single-player components of were available offline, most of the game’s appeal was based on online racing and social interaction. For weeks after launch, the game struggled with connectivity and performance, and a free copy promised to all PlayStation Plus subscribers took over a year to ship.

As with other proprietary PlayStation exclusives with always-on-line requirements, MLB The Show 21 had a frustrating month after its launch in April, where gamers couldn’t connect to servers. Some have lost the results of certain games or challenges in progress; others missed the attribute progression in Road to the Show’s single-player character who moved to the game’s online Diamond Dynasty mode for the first time this year.

Gran Turismo 7 releases March 4, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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Max Scherzer’s 2021 campaign challenges odds and historical precedents Wed, 15 Sep 2021 10:00:00 +0000

Sunday against the Padres, Max Scherzer decided to erase his entire history in a single match. It started in the second inning, when he ousted Fernando Tatis Jr., Eric Hosmer and Tommy Pham on a total of nine shots for a flawless inning. It was the third in Scherzer’s career, tying a record held by Sandy Koufax and Chris Sale, and just the 105th in MLB history.

Three innings later, Scherzer hit Hosmer again to become the 19th player in MLB history to strike 3,000 batters.

By the time Hosmer came back in the eighth, he was probably tired of being used as Scherzer’s personal speed bag, so he returned a brace to right field to become the Padres’ first base runner of the game. This prevented Scherzer from winning his third career without a hitting, but he is still one of the 35 pitchers to have pitched at least two.

Since joining the Dodgers at the trade deadline, Scherzer has made eight starts, winning six, while allowing an ERA of 0.88 and an opponent’s hitting line of 0.158 / 0.189 / 0.230 in 51 innings. Scherzer was already pitching well enough with Washington to deserve the start of the All-Star Game, but his absurd run in Dodger Blue propelled him to the top of the league in ERA, WHIP, and nine innings allowed hits.

In just six weeks, he’s already drawing comparisons to the biggest midseason commercial acquisitions of all time – CC Sabathia in 2008, Randy Johnson in 1998, Doyle Alexander in 1987 and Rick Sutcliffe in 1984. According to the Scherzer Way finishes and the number of innings Corbin Burnes of Milwaukee accumulates the remainder of the season, Mad Max could become the first pitcher since Sutcliffe to win the Cy Young after being traded mid-year. If that happens, he will become the fifth pitcher to win four Cy Young Awards.

Scherzer has strong arguments for being the outstanding pitcher of the 2010s. During that decade, he struck out 2,452 batters – more than any other pitcher – and was third in starts and second in innings pitched. He was close to Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander in bWAR, nearly 10 wins ahead of fourth-placed Cole Hamels and tied for fifth in ERA + among pitchers with at least 1,000 innings. Between 2013 and 2019, he made seven consecutive All-Star teams and didn’t finish below fifth in the Cy Young vote, winning three times. His teams have made the playoffs seven times over the decade, culminating in a spectacular title with the Nationals in 2019; Scherzer, who was unable to dress due to neck pain, started the seventh game of this world series.

But this season has been a convenient inflection point for Scherzer to continue to decline. By 35, he had done virtually everything he could, and after a decade of abusing 200 handles a year, his body was starting to wear down. In addition to the neck problem in the playoffs, back injuries forced Scherzer to make his longest stint in IL in 10 years. He handed the mantle of the NL’s top pitcher to Jacob deGrom of the Mets, and it was Stephen Strasburg, not Scherzer, who was Washington’s top playoff pitcher of 2019. During the shortened 2020 season pandemic, Scherzer was just very good. Most pitchers would have killed for his 119 ERA + and 4.00 K / BB, but the two ratings represented his worst performance in the best part of a decade.

With Scherzer’s contract set to expire after 2021 and as he nears his late 30s, it looked like he just had to mop up a few more statistical milestones and wait for the BBWAA to dedicate him to the Hall of Fame. Instead, Scherzer, who turned 37 in July, is enjoying one of the best seasons ever for a pitcher his age.

It is difficult to compare individual starting seasons across eras; Today’s strikeout totals are so high and the starting pitcher’s workloads are so low that they mess up many counting statistics. But with three weeks remaining in the regular season, Scherzer produced 4.6 wins above average, according to Baseball-Reference. This is the 17th best season since integrating a pitcher aged 36 or over, essentially tied – in a funny historical coincidence – with Alexander’s campaign in 1987. About half of the seasons that have been there. ‘await belong to Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, Hoyt Wilhelm and Phil Niekro, four pitchers who could do serious Hall of Fame business if you tossed everything they accomplished before the age of 30. And in these time and age constraints, Scherzer holds the fifth best ERA + for a qualified starter.

Scherzer’s tenure with the Dodgers – a situation he used his 10 and 5 commercial veto rights to orchestrate when it became clear the Nationals would not be arguing – could have been a farewell season that associated a waning star looking for another ring with a team in need of spin depth. Orel Hershiser’s tenure with Cleveland in the mid-’90s comes to mind, or Pedro Martínez’s brief stint with the Phillies in 2009. But no such decline has persisted, and Scherzer throws as well as he does. never did.

The most pressing question now for Scherzer is whether his performance will have an impact on the Dodgers’ title defense. There’s a pretty compelling argument for them to be the best National League team on paper, but they’re running out of time to catch and pass the Giants for the top spot in the NL West. Even if the Dodgers enter the wildcard game as favorites, their depth of rotation – Scherzer, Kershaw, Walker Buehler, Julio Urías – won’t count for anything in a win-win game. Scherzer, despite his warm hand and accomplishments, might not even pitch.

But Scherzer’s performance in 2021 reignites the discussion about what the next few years of his career will look like. The seven-year, $ 210 million deal he signed with Washington after the 2014 season is the kind of deal a pitcher doesn’t expect to surpass. But Scherzer was so good he gave himself the chance to ring the bell again.

The most recent comparable season to Scherzer’s 2021 was Justin Verlander’s second Cy Young campaign in 2019, which also took place at the age of 36. Verlander turned this season into a two-year, $ 66 million overtime with the Astros; Scherzer’s agent Scott Boras will almost certainly cite this deal as a precedent when buying Scherzer this winter.

Of course, Verlander missed his six UCL innings in this contract extension and will hit free agency after making a start for the past 23 months. This is the duality of the existence of an old pitcher.

For another illustration of this duality, consider the list of Baseball-Reference pitchers similar to Scherzer through their 36-year seasons. The top seven are a mix of Hall of Famers and Hall of Very Good pitchers, most of whom were as dominant as Scherzer at their peaks. Here are their performances from 37 years old, as well as those of Adam Wainwright, the best composition of B-Ref for Scherzer:

Elite 37-Plus pitchers

Launcher Years Departures Sleeves bGUERRE ERA + Achievements
Launcher Years Departures Sleeves bGUERRE ERA + Achievements
David Cone 2000-03 58 308 2/3 0.8 81 WS
Randy Johnson 2001-09 246 1636 2/3 43.2 132 2x CYA, 3xAS, WS, 2x ERA title, 3x SO title, perfect game
Kevin Brown 2002-05 77 480 6.4 110 LIKE
Ron Guidry 1988 ten 56 0.5 95 Nothing
Roy Halladay Nothing 0 0 0 0 Nothing
Tim hudson 2013-15 74 444 1/3 2.3 93 LIKE
Pedro martinez 2009 9 44 2/3 0.7 117 Nothing
Adam wainwright 2019-21 70 427 2/3 5.5 117 Nothing

None of these launchers are perfect for Scherzer. Halladay and Pedro were basically washed when they were Scherzer’s age; Guidry started a drastically different era in terms of training and conditioning, which could be the biggest factor for Scherzer’s upcoming seasons. But here we see the range of potential results. Johnson was literally the best old pitcher of all time. Brown and Hudson dragged on for a few more seasons, turning into All-Star-level performances at times. And Wainwright, who looked positively toasted from 34 to 36, somehow found the fountain of youth. From 37 to 39, he’s been as effective and durable as he has been in half a decade, and he’s looking forward to continuing into his 40s.

Scherzer, like Wainwright, used modern conditioning techniques to ward off the ravages of time. (Here, “modern conditioning” means something different from that of Clemens, who was one of the best pitchers in the world in his forties, when his blood plasma was mostly HGH.) Unlike Wainwright, however, Scherzer has been inhumanly enduring throughout its heyday; his 2019 back and neck problems seem to be behind him. And at a time when pitchers have their elbow ligaments changed like the spark plugs in a car, Scherzer has spent 81 days on the IL, in total, over his entire major league career.

The last decade of Johnson’s career has been a strange event that may never be matched. But could Scherzer continue to be a no. 1 starting until his 40s and pushing for 4000 strikeouts? If he wants to, there’s no reason he can’t.

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UW System Scholarship $ 70,000 Lottery Campaign Sat, 11 Sep 2021 01:31:02 +0000

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee hopes to have at least 70% of its students vaccinated against COVID-19 by mid-October.

Many universities across the country, including Marquette University, require students to be fully immunized. At UW-Milwaukee, the bustling campus again, they hope the money will entice students instead.

“Even though I attended all of my classes last year, I didn’t make a single friend last year at UWM. Now I talk to people all day,” Sarah Meadows said, a junior from UW-Milwaukee. “I transferred after my freshman year at UWM, and the whole of last year was online, and even though we live only 20 minutes away, we’ve never been to campus.”

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The UW system hopes to keep students in person throughout the year. UW System President Tommy Thompson thinks the key is vaccinations.

The UW System is running the ’70 for 70′ campaign. If 70% of a campus in the UW system, except UW-Madison, is vaccinated by mid-October, all students will enter a lottery to win one of 70 scholarships of 70,000 $.

“We just think it’s a much better way because mandatory vaccination is something sometimes, you know, feels like maybe it’s too heavy and so on,” Thompson said.

Meadows said she was already vaccinated and hopes her classmates understand what’s at stake.

“I know everyone wants to stay in person. I just wish everyone had their shots already because I can’t get back online,” Meadows said.

Thompson said they should know by the end of the week where each campus is. The UW system always collects immunization data from students.

If after the campaign the numbers are not where they should be, Thompson has said he will reconsider a possible term. He continues to argue that the UW system does not need to submit COVID-19 protocols to the state legislature for approval; while lawsuits were threatened, none were filed.

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Volleyball teams conclude successful preseason campaign Wed, 08 Sep 2021 06:39:55 +0000

With plenty of games behind them, Escalon’s varsity volleyball team is ready for the Trans-Valley League game. The season was due to start on Tuesday, September 7 at home, welcoming Hilmar.

University head coach Teresa Williamson has seen the team grow together during the preseason and they have a few goals in mind as they enter the league.

This week they passed Central Catholic, Gregori and Linden, improving their preseason mark to 12-1.

They beat Central Catholic 3-1 in the Foundation Game and got a remarkable effort from Rylie Lattig with three aces, seven digs and 25 assists. Mandy Murphy and Emily Vickers each had 16 kills, Bella Cormack added 12. Grace Ferreira had 24 digs and Vickers scored 15, while Cormack had four blocks.

Against Gregori it was a 3-0 victory.

“Ryle Lattig had three aces and 14 assists, Carsyn Hood had 14,” said Williamson.

The elimination leaders were again Murphy with 12, Vickers with 11. Murphy also had 12 digs, Ferreira recording 20 digs, Cormack and Mallory Berhorst each had three blocks.

“Giana Bava and Emily Vickers had three aces,” Williamson said of the stat leaders for Linden’s 3-0 sweep. “Ryle Lattig with 19 assists and Carsyn Hood with 16.”

Murphy added 13 kills in the game, Vickers and Cormack each have nine. Ferreira had eight digs and Cormack had five blocks.


Shooting a 5-0 streak for their preseason, the Junior College Lady Cougars are excited for the games to come.

“They are hard workers,” said head coach Krystal Rodriguez. “They want the TVL season undefeated as much as anyone else right now, so they know they’re going to have to work for it.”

Last season the team moved to the Valley Oak League for a campaign shortened by COVID, so this year is a bit of a question mark as to what the TVL teams will bring.

“We work on everything in every practice,” Rodriguez noted as he prepared.

During the preseason, the JV Girls beat Enochs, Ripon Christian, Sonora, Orestimba and Buhach.

“Sophia Martin and Macie Vickers are my returning players and athletes who helped last year’s JV team take first place in the Valley Oak League,” said Rodriguez.

They have taken on leadership roles and she said the whole team learns together.

“I think they underestimated themselves and their abilities,” said the coach. “They have already learned and grown so much and now that they see what they are capable of as a strong team of 10, I am very happy to see them grow even more.”

The JV girls had their TVL opener with Hilmar scheduled at home on Tuesday, September 7th.


It was a solid preseason for the youngest Lady Cougar on the volleyball court, playing to a 6-0 mark. Wins have come against Ripon Christian, Sonora, Orestimba, Buhach, Gregori and Linden, head coach Shay Beam said.

“I’m super excited for the season,” added Beam. “These girls haven’t had an eighth-grade season, but they have a lot of heart and passion, so that makes up for the lack of a season last year.”

The girls were due to open the Trans-Valley League game against Hilmar in a Tuesday, September 7 game on the home field.

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Jayhawks Hungry to start 2021 campaign tonight | News, Sports, Jobs Sat, 04 Sep 2021 06:34:18 +0000

After enjoying one of their best seasons of 2019, the Jamestown Community College men’s soccer team looked to build on their momentum for the 2020 season. Those plans were halted with the global pandemic.

Almost two years later, the Jayhawks will look to meet those expectations with an almost entirely new squad.

“It was a bit difficult at the start of this season because we are starting pretty much from the start. “ said head coach Pat Anderson. “We have a few returns and a few transfers, but basically we’re starting from scratch. Most of these guys haven’t played in a meaningful soccer game in two years, so they’re going to have to get rid of the rust and get it done fast.

The Jayhawks will be playing a busy road schedule this fall, with 13 road games played on their 18-game schedule. With the busy schedule on the road, Coach Anderson doesn’t care as long as his players have the opportunity to play.

“As long as the student-athletes are able to play, playing on the road doesn’t matter,” Anderson said. “As long as we have the depth, we should be able to handle the timing. One of the perks of having all of those games on the road is the time they will spend together traveling and becoming better teammates and friends.

JCC will open the season this Saturday, September 4th, as they host the No. 7 Mohawk Valley Community College at Vets Park in Salamanca. From there, the Jayhawks will play four straight road games before returning home to face Niagara County Community College on September 19 at Falconer High School.

After playing their next five road games, the Jayhawks will play back-to-back home games against Erie Community College on October 6 and SUNY Broome Community College on October 9 at Falconer High School.

To close the season, JCC will play four of its last five road games. Their only home game will be against Genesee Community College on October 13.

The Jayhawks return two players from the 2019 season to Jesse da Costa (Perth, Western Australia / SEDA) and Ryan Koch (Auckland, New Zealand / Long Bay College), who through some form of veteran leadership have helped to bring the young team.

“It’s really important to have guys like Jesse and Ryan on our team,” Anderson said. “Someone who’s done this before has a vision of where we are now, where we’re trying to go and how we’re going to get there. Having the message coming from these guys gives it a little more credibility. “

Expectations are high for the Jayhawks as Coach Anderson believes this is one of his most talented groups of players.

“It’s hard to find weakness in our team because we are fairly balanced in all areas. “ Anderson said. “We have the talent and the work ethic to win a lot of games this season. Football is a finicky sport, you can be very good but not see the results fall in your favor.

The Jayhawks open the season tonight as they take on No. 7 Mohawk Valley Community College at Vets Park in Salamanca at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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Fight Hunger Month: High Plains Food Bank Joins Feeding America Campaign | KAMR Wed, 01 Sep 2021 10:57:50 +0000

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR / KCIT) – The High Plains Food Bank (HPFB) will join the Feeding America’s Hunger Action Month campaign in September to “inspire people to take action and educate those facing the impossible choice of hunger,” according to a press release from the High Plains Food Bank.

Food banks across the country are set to join the campaign and are asking the public for help as this will mark the 14th year that Feeding America has held a “call to action,” the statement said. .

The campaign will address the impossible choice millions of Americans face between food and basic necessities of life.

“For many, a daily meal is a simple choice of what to eat,” said Claire Babineauz-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America. ““ For people facing hunger, a daily meal is a very different type of choice. It is often an impossible decision between food or other critical needs, such as electricity, childcare or medicine. No one should be forced to choose to be hungry. With public support, we can come together to help people achieve long-term food security so they don’t have to make such difficult decisions.

According to the statement, the public across the Texas Panhandle has the opportunity to get involved in the campaign by “learning, engaging and speaking out about how to end hunger.”

HPFB provided ideas on ways the community can get involved:

  • Wear your Hunger Action Month t-shirt or something orange to show your support. Post your photos on social media by tagging @HighPlainsFoodBank and using the hashtag #WeFeedTXPH, #HungerActionMonth and #HungerActionDay on September 17th.
  • Potter County and Amarillo Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (AOMS) are set to go orange for Anti Hunger Month. Amarillo National Bank will turn orange on September 17th for Hunger Day of Action and any other business can get involved by wearing orange for September.
  • Visit any local Whataburger until September 20 to donate $ 1 to the High Plains Food Bank and get a FREE Whataburger, with the purchase of a medium fry and a 32-ounce drink.
  • Sign up to volunteer at the High Plains Food Bank warehouse here or donate to the campaign here. HPFB can provide the equivalent of six meals for every $ 1 donation.

“The arrival of COVID-19 has changed the extent of food insecurity in the Texas Panhandle,” said Zack Wilson, executive director of the High Plains Food Bank. “The average number of food insecure households has jumped 16 percent from a year ago. Thanks to your generous support, we’ve been able to respond by distributing over 9 million pounds of food since the COVID hit – with over a million pounds of food distributed within months. Your support literally allows us to continue to help many people in need.

You can learn more about Hunger Action Month by visiting Hunger Action

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Roma transfer video campaign found 12 missing children | Rome Sat, 28 Aug 2021 08:28:00 +0000

TRoma forward Eldor Shomurodov said it was “difficult to explain the happiness” he felt after missing Polish girl has been found just days after her photo was included in her transfer announcement video.

In 2019, Roma started using their transfer announcement videos on social media to highlight missing children around the world. The Serie A club’s campaign has now found 12 missing children since its debut.

“It is difficult to explain the happiness of having contributed in one way or another to the discovery of one of these children and therefore to the relief of his family,” said Shomurodov, who joined Roma. from Genoa on August 2. “I am proud to be part of a club that uses the popularity of football in this way.”

In recent years, social media ad videos have become a battleground for clubs bragging about their latest signings and looking to creatively outdo themselves – with some effort that looks like blockbuster movie trailers.

Two years ago, under the leadership of their former chief strategy officer Paul Rogers, Roma decided to use their social media presence to advocate for a different cause. Photos of missing children have been included in transfer announcement videos to raise awareness and increase the chances of their being found.

“This is a campaign that all of us here at AS Roma are passionate about supporting and the club is honored to have contributed to the discovery of 12 children so far,” said Roma Marketing Director Max Van. Den Doel. “Obviously, the real credit goes to all the associations with which we collaborate, and which fill our hearts with joy every time they inform us that another child has been found.”

The club has partnered with a number of missing person charities around the world and children from the UK, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Kenya and now Poland have been found after have appeared in transfer videos released by the club.

“The campaign has given visibility to over 100 children who are vulnerable to exploitation and, in many cases, have been forgotten by society,” said Caroline Humer of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“Every day children go missing in the world and each person can help bring them home by looking at the pictures to see if they recognize anyone.”

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