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You have goals and dreams. You have ideas for transforming your career through higher education. You also have a life. Going back to school when you have other important responsibilities is certainly courageous and worthwhile, but it can also be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done.

Here are five tips to help you maintain your balance (and your sanity) while juggling school and the rest of life’s responsibilities.

Set small, achievable goals that match your main goal

You can set them in weekly or monthly increments. Achieving mini-goals can help keep you motivated and energized to keep moving forward.

Put your life on your calendar

Create a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. It should include everything from family activities to the time you designate for study. This will help you prioritize your goals and manage your time.

Try to plan your day in 30 minute increments to maximize productivity. It can also help you determine when activities are taking longer than expected, so that you can adapt to the future and make sure you spend the time needed to complete each task.

Let something go

Evaluate all of your responsibilities now. Prioritize what should stay in your hands and what you can let go. This can be one of the most difficult parts of the process; However, it can make a huge difference in your stress level.

For example, maybe you are heavily involved with a nonprofit organization that is close to your heart. If that adds two extra hours of work to your week, maybe it’s time to put it on hold. Delegate responsibility to people you trust, so you have peace of mind (and time) to focus on other things.

Use available resources

This includes things that will speed up your understanding of topics, such as tutoring. From the start of your program, take the time to identify the resources available to you. Think about what would be helpful to you and ask if it exists.

Resources can also include friends and family who may be willing to lend a hand, especially when they are aware of what you are trying to accomplish.

Take some time for yourself

I know I know. You’re busier than ever trying to juggle everything. Not giving yourself a break can work for a while, but you’ll likely tire out in the end.

Plan regular breaks, whether it’s a few hours of fun or a full weekend.

Haley Foutch, EdS, NCC is a Senior Career Advisor at Phoenix University. The University of Phoenix is ​​innovating to help working adults make the effective transition from education to career in a rapidly changing world. Flexible hours, relevant and engaging classes, and interactive learning can help students more effectively pursue their professional and personal aspirations while balancing their busy lives.

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Six inmates for befriending random people on social media, extorting money using cha transformed- The New Indian Express Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:34:35 +0000

Through PTI

NEW DELHI: Six members of an alleged extortion gang were arrested in Rajasthan for allegedly duping people after befriending them on social media and later threatening to upload their videos of cat transformed, police said Wednesday.

The defendants were identified as Waris (28), Rayees (22), Annay Khan (21), Wahid (23), Mufeed (30) and Akram (21), they said, adding that they were leading the alleged extortion racket from a village in Bharatpur in Rajasthan.

Police say they used to create fake Facebook profiles and befriend random people.

After chatting for a while, they would make a video call to the victims, capture the screen and edit it to juxtapose it with offensive adult content, they said.

The transformed videos were then used to blackmail their targets.

Offensive videos of more than 40 victims were recovered from the cell phones of the accused, they added.

The defendants have so far reportedly deceived people to the tune of Rs 25 lakh, a senior police officer said, adding that 10 bank accounts linked to the gang have been identified and frozen.

An investigation was launched by the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell Unit after several complaints were received in recent weeks against an online extortion racket, he said.

“In accordance with the complaints, the victims were contacted via social media platforms such as Facebook via attractive individual profiles.

The victims participated in a brief conversation and guided to a video call via Messenger or WhatsApp.

During the call, the victims saw an adult clip and their video call was recorded simultaneously.

“After a while, they received extortion calls on behalf of the offensive video made from the captured video chat.

Amounts ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 30,000 have been demanded and some of the victims have succumbed to these demands before reporting them to the police, ”said Anyesh Roy, Deputy Police Commissioner (Cyber ​​Cell).

With the help of technical assistance, the location of the accused was located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

Later, in coordination with Bharatpur police, the gang’s hideouts were identified and early Monday morning raids were carried out and six defendants were arrested, he said.

During the investigation, it was found that the accounts to which the money was transferred were those of Alwar, Rajasthan.

The accused used several SIM cards obtained on false identities to commit the crime, he added.

A total of 17 cell phones used for making extortion calls and obscene conversations and two ATM cards as well as bank account documents into which the extorted money had been transferred by various victims were recovered from their possession, said the DCP.

The case is under investigation and the cyber cell unit’s help is sought in recovering crucial digital evidence, police said, adding that efforts were being made to identify the involvement of others. .

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Boy accused of shooting 15-year-old appears in court over possession of double-barreled shotgun Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:34:35 +0000

A 15-year-old accused of shooting a boy of the same age as he walked to school appeared in court today for possession of a double-barreled shotgun.

Police were called to report that a teenager was shot dead on Monday in the Grange Farm housing estate in Kesgrave, Suffolk, around 8.40am.

The 15-year-old victim was seriously injured and was airlifted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, where he remains in critical condition.

The accused, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in Norwich Youth Court this morning via video link from prison. He then appeared in Ipswich Crown Court this afternoon, where he made no plea in the preliminary hearing.

He is charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm, a Beretta 12-gauge stacked rifle, with intent to raise fear of injuring another person, and possession of a firearm in intending to put his life in danger.

Police were called to report that a teenager was shot dead in the Grange Farm housing estate in Kesgrave, Suffolk, around 8.40am on Monday.

The 15-year-old victim was seriously injured and was airlifted to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, where he remains in critical condition.

The 15-year-old victim was seriously injured and was airlifted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, where he remains in critical condition.

His parents were not present at the hearing. The boy was seated next to his lawyer, with a social worker in another location acting as his appropriate adult.

The court heard that the victim, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, was allegedly shot in the face after a confrontation.

The youth, from the Woodbridge area, spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address during the 20-minute hearing.

He was not invited to plead and was remanded in custody until his appearance at Ipswich Crown Court on Wednesday afternoon.

District Judge Shanta Deonarine told the court that the attempted murder charge was a “serious” matter, adding: “This is an allegation where it was a face to face confrontation, d ‘a conversation and a gunshot to the face. ”

The accused, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in Norwich Youth Court today by video link from a Suffolk police station.  He is charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm, a Beretta 12-gauge stacked rifle, with intent to raise fear of injuring another person, and possession of a firearm in intending to put his life in danger.

The accused, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in Norwich Youth Court today by video link from a Suffolk police station. He is charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm, a Beretta 12-gauge stacked rifle, with intent to raise fear of injuring another person, and possession of a firearm in intending to put his life in danger.

No plea was filed at the preliminary hearing at Ipswich Crown Court this afternoon, where the alleged shooter appeared by video link.

Sitting in a Suffolk police station next to a social worker, the teenager looked thoughtful, crossing his fingers, frequently looking at the ground and rubbing his eyes.

He spoke to confirm his name in court and that he understood the upcoming hearings and was remanded in custody.

A plea is expected to be recorded at the next hearing on December 7, ahead of a possible two-week trial starting January 25.

Suffolk Police said witnesses reported seeing a suspect get into a car after the attack, before the vehicle left.

An arrest was made just over two hours after the shooting at 10:55 a.m. Monday, five miles away in Ipswich. A car was seized during the arrest, from which a long-barreled firearm was recovered, police said.

Kesgrave High School said one of its Grade 11 students was involved in a serious incident on the way to school on Monday, but students at the site were safe.

The school said on Twitter on Tuesday: “The students were just amazing today. Calm and focused in class and clearly happy to be back in school.

“A very difficult time for the school community but everyone supports each other.”

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Clubhouse receives mixed reaction from Gen Z Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:34:35 +0000

Clubhouse, the audio-based social media app, has grown in popularity in recent months and some young people are using the app to further their career aspirations and networking.

The app, created last year, built its reputation on exclusivity where users must receive an invitation to join, and is only available to iPhone users. The app allows users to enter and exit different live conversations where each chat room has moderators, speakers and listeners.

Michelle Chan, a senior at Boston University, wanted to join the Clubhouse in early January, but struggled to find an invite until a friend offered one. Chan said the app appears to be aimed at millennials and older members of Gen Z.

“Personally, I really appreciate it,” she said. “It’s a really unique platform because it essentially breaks the barrier of this virtual setting where you can have honest conversations with people you’ve never met.”

Unlike many other social media apps, Chan uses Clubhouse for topics that interest him, such as career advice. Other apps like TikTok or Twitter are used for entertainment and Clubhouse serves a different purpose, she said.

“I think it’s great for networking and for career aspirations like getting to know industry leaders and just more experience and feedback on the career you’re interested in,” Chan said. “In terms of the entertainment aspect that TikTok provides, I don’t think it has that potential just because the platform really encourages in-depth conversations and communications with others, rather than just for entertainment.”

Erifili Gounari, creator of the Gen Z club on Clubhouse, has been on the app since November. She created the club in January and it already has over 6,000 subscribers.

“I decided to start a Gen Z club on Clubhouse on a whim because I realized that there weren’t any main Gen Z clubs, but a large part of our generation that used Clubhouse the used to network and chat, ”Gounari said.

The Gen Z Club hosts weekly chats to discuss business, trends, social media, education and more.

Gounari said audio is a powerful way for people to connect around the world, especially with the pandemic.

“I think our generation appreciates the up-front nature of it all because we’re so used to instant gratification and kind of grown up to expect that from social media and communities and everything and Clubhouse offers that,” said Gounari.

But some users of the app are skeptical of its growing popularity and say it won’t last.

Kyle Johnson, a junior at Northern Illinois University, said that while it’s a versatile app, it feels like nothing more than simple meetings or conference calls.

“The app is not very entertaining for me,” he said. “The only room or club I joined that I really entertained was a comedy room where a comedian would tell jokes.”

Johnson said the app’s audio feature is similar to Discord, an instant messaging platform originally used primarily by gamers. Discord has voice channels that users can join, but there are no defined topics and are only activated when users join the channel.

“I have the impression that the application is not yet diverse enough because you have to be invited,” he said. “It might grow more in the future, but it doesn’t look like it does. “

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Shirley Meadows on track to full occupancy by year-end – Lowell Sun Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:34:34 +0000

BECOME – The senior housing complex on Hospital Road that MassDevelopment rolled out a few years ago is now fully functional, partially occupied and filling up quickly.

Construction which began in May 2019 was completed earlier this year.

The new community – aptly named Shirley Meadows – is housed in a unique three-story structure, set back from the road and with direct access to the heart of Devens as well as downtown Shirley. It’s a nice addition to the rural streetscape, surrounded by open spaces, with paved walking paths around the building and ample parking at the back.

Situated on approximately 4 acres that was once the so-called Shirley Housing section of the old Fort Devens, the site lies within the original city and municipal boundaries – police station, police offices, the city, public library – and is within walking distance, on the opposite side of the road.

At the Hospital Road / Front Street intersection, a sidewalk – currently undergoing a major grant-funded renovation – runs in both directions to the Ayer town limit. At the end of town, the sidewalk leads to Main Street, the train station and the Shirley Village business district.

According to Connie Donahue, executive director of the Chelmsford Housing Authority, which manages the property, location is a key part of the whole. The area is “rich in services” and well located, she said, making it ideal for residents – those aged 62 and over – to “age in place”.

She noted, for example, the proximity to health care providers, senior citizen centers and social service agencies and medical facilities such as the Nashoba Valley Medical Center.

Donahue’s assessment is based in part on the experience of other senior housing communities in CHA’s management network, including Chelmsford, Westford and Harvard.

Shirley Meadows’ 58 apartments – 55 one-bedroom units and three two-bedroom units – are rented at “affordable” rates based on income levels ranging from moderate (50% of the region’s median) to low ( 30 %). for the elderly homeless or at risk, according to the application file.

Donahue said there was a lot of interest in the community from the first homes and 17 units were already occupied, with a dozen moves expected by Oct. 1. The first resident moved in on July 29.

The move-in process can be intimidating in the COVID-19 era, she said, but the community is following all CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of its residents and visitors. The common areas are cleaned by an on-site maintenance service. Routine maintenance of individual units is the responsibility of the tenants, but housekeeping services can be consulted as needed.

With a list of candidates on hold, the building’s 58 apartments will likely be rented out by the first of next year, Donahue said.

At an open house last week, Donahue and Christina Andersen, Director of Property Management and Compliance at CHA, greeted scheduled guests and organized tours. They said 35 people registered for the open house and they all showed up.

Activity had calmed down when a reporter from Nashoba Valley Voice arrived. The lobby was empty except for the tour guides and Margaret Leighton, Shirley Meadows’ on-site service coordinator.

A large-screen TV displayed a scrolling video that browsed the building’s hallways, common areas, and apartment interiors. It was telling, but a guided tour was even better.

Anderson led the way along carpeted hallways with apartments on both sides, cream-colored walls, and a tricolor striped rug with a different dominant color on each level.

Since the hallways look alike, the three color combinations identify which floor is, Andersen said, a useful perk for residents with memory problems.

There are two elevators, a common mail room / PO Box and a laundry room on each floor.

The apartments are small, simple, ready to be furnished by the residents, with windows in each room and easy-care imitation wood floors. Bathrooms have modern low-rim showers with grab bars on both sides. Some apartments will be equipped with walk-in showers for residents with disabilities, Andersen said.

The compact kitchen – identical in all units – opens onto the living room. The cupboards have adjustable brackets.

There is also a spacious common room with glass doors leading to an enclosed outdoor terrace with patio tables, chairs and umbrellas. On the other side of the parking lot, raised beds are waiting to be planted.

The common room has a fully equipped kitchen and can be booked for meetings, Andersen said.

At one end of the great hall, Diane Welch had set up a table with presents, a raffle and gifts.

Welch is the Account Manager at Fallon’s Summit Elder Care, operating under a national program called PACE, which has a doctor’s office / treatment room on the first floor of the building.

Without once referring to the detailed information package on the table, Welch outlined a range of services that Fallon offers to participating residents, including medical care, counseling and referrals.

Support services such as home helpers who can help with shopping and personal care, even ethnic cooking, allow people who need “nursing home” care to live at home, she declared.

She said there is a plethora of medical and mental health care offerings available to Fallon plan members aged 55 and over, including adult day care, with five centers across the state. . The closest is in Leominster.

The PACE office was one of the stops during the visit to the Andersen building. When furnished and staffed, residents can receive medical care there, she said, including injections.

For more information on Shirley Meadows, the number to call is 978-256-7425 to reach Christina Andersen.

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Pamela Adlon on “Better Things,” Former Roles & Influences – TV Podcast Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:34:34 +0000

Reports on the entertainment industry are surreal; it requires shopping around and doing business with what the average person only considers fun; it asks you to sit down and dig into the minds of all kinds of creatives, from on-screen talent to post-production geniuses, writers, directors, editors and everyone in between. of them.

What readers don’t always realize is that journalists have favorites, not necessarily when it comes to individuals, but when it comes to talking to people who have certain jobs. I find it easier to talk to writers. They know the method behind the madness (if there is one) because they were there to create both. Others prefer actors, knowing that a production often lives and dies from the quality of its performers and their ability to portray characters worth investing in. Still others love the Craftsmen, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to build a rich tapestry of a universe where, otherwise, it could be a bunch of lying aliens.

Maybe that’s why it’s such a gift every time we talk to Pamela Adlon. The Cosmic Mother of the Perfect FX Jewel of a “Better Things” TV Show is more than just the showrunner and creator, writer and executive producer, director and ding-dang star of the series, she is its very soul.

“Better Things” and Adlon have always been special, but their special charms have never been so vital as this year. With Season 4 bowing on March 5 and ending on April 30, the series delivered its warmth and humanity to a world that needed it more desperately than ever. When FX announced the show’s resumption for a fifth season at the end of May, it was a huge relief to fans and critics alike.

Adlon, author, All Women and Emergency Mom for Everyone Nearby, “stopped in” to chat on IndieWire’s “Millions of Screens” TV podcast about the show’s fourth season, including the spectacular finale of the season, as well as all the other topics under the sun. Or, more precisely, in the rain.

For more on the movie bunny holes Adlon went through during his months of lockdown, be sure to check out this “Millions of Screens” episode of the week with TV Awards Editor-in-Chief Libby Hill, Associate TV Editor Ben Travers, creative producer Leo Garcia and, of course, special guest Pamela Adlon. As is the new norm, this week’s episode was recorded from the comfort of their respective Los Angeles area apartments, and we are once again offering viewers a delicious video version of the podcast, as embedded above. . Look for a special conversation about the role of Adlon in a Quentin Tarantino parody film titled “Plump Fiction”, with Libby accidentally revealing how she celebrates happy hour – which ended up turning into a compelling look at the episode of the season 4 “High Man”. Bye Man “, and more” Sgt. Bilko “which you can use with a stick.

Plus, share the fun of the crew with the renewal of ‘Better Things’, in addition to the shocking Season 2 Adult Swim cover of Netflix’s former property ‘Tuca & Bertie’ – news so unexpectedly she looks like an absolute gift. Also enjoy a quick conversation about Quibi’s latest doomed business.

Millions of screens“is available on Anchor, Apple podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stapler. You can subscribe here or via RSS. Share your feedback with the crew on Twitter or ring in the comments. Watch the show on itunes and be sure to let us know if there are any specific issues you want to hear from the gang in future editions of “Millions of Screens”. Discover the rest of IndieWire podcasts to iTunes right here.

This episode of “Millions of Screens” was produced by Leonardo Adrian Garcia.

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Hair salon artwork wins awards Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:34:34 +0000

The Jay & Mona Kang virtual art exhibition and sale brought visitors from across the country to experience what was the first online exhibition in the event’s 14-year history.

Organizers at the Barber National Institute, who collected the artwork in early March, have switched to the online platform to continue the tradition amid restrictions against large gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The judges made their selection from more than 280 entries from adults and over 110 entries from young people.

“We saw that we had wonderful works of art and we were committed to sharing them with the community,” said Brigitte Barbier, vice president of external affairs at the Barber National Institute. “During the show, we could see the shopping and comments being made at all times, and knew people were enjoying the show when it suited their schedule. We are truly grateful for this support.

What would an art exhibition without awards be for artists? A panel of three local judges took days to review all the work online and determine the winners of cash prizes for the work of adult and youth artists that were announced during an online presentation. Prize ribbons and certificates were also awarded.

In a statement from the judges read at the online awards show, the panel noted that while viewing the artwork may have been a bit more difficult to do virtually, they agreed they could take more time to examine each piece, then share their thoughts on the entries that resonated with each one.

In choosing the works of art for the awards, they said they took into account the medium and how the artist used it, the originality, the details of the piece and whether it would be interesting to others. to enjoy it.

The Best of Show and Honorable Mention awards were given for an overall category comprising paintings, sculptures, mixed media and other works, as well as a category for photography.

The Best of Show in the adult category was presented for “Made it to Times Square”, a mixed media and acrylic work by Cynthia Lyon from Erie.

Honorable mentions were awarded for “Retired Memories”, a painting by Corey thompson from Erie; “The Journey”, a welded steel sculpture by Robert harris of Falconer, New York; and ‘Presque Isle Lagoon Kayaker’, an oil painting by Sheila coon from Erie.

The Best of Show Award in Photography was awarded for “Mischief Managed” by Sarah perino of Erie, with an honorable mention conferred on “Love at First Sight” by Christine French from the North East.

The Best of Show in the Young Artist Division was presented for “Pancake Deluxe”, a pencil drawing by Jasmine chen, an elderly person at the Villa Maria Academy.

Honorable mention prizes for young people were awarded for “Enid”, a felt-tip drawing by Mallory Riley, a sixth-grade student at Walnut Creek Middle School; “Bubbles”, an acrylic painting by Annabelle kerner, 11th grade student at Reach Cyber ​​School; and for “You’ll Float Too”, a multimedia article by Gianna Corsi, ninth grade student at Villa Maria Academy.

In the photography category of a young artist, the Best of Show was awarded for “Street Art”, by Josias Perino, a grade 11 student at Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy, and an honorable mention award was presented for “Missing Childhood” by Taylor hudson, an elder at Fairview High School.

The winners were selected by a jury composed of Rachel Berlin, artist, instructor and owner of RLB Art Studio; Diana denniston, owner and curator of the D’Hopkins Denniston Fine Art Gallery; and Lisa Salvia, artist, potter and owner of Winking Lizard Pottery.

Given the range of creativity this year, imagine the possibilities of what next year will bring.

Online reflections

The Erie Community Foundation will be hosting a virtual “midweek get-together” on Wednesday from 10 am to 11 am. Speakers will include the President Mike Batchelor, who announced his upcoming retirement. Batchelor will be interviewed by Erin Doolin Fessler, vice-president of marketing, community and government relations for the foundation. The program will be presented by Keely Doyle, director of philanthropic services.

During the webinar, Batchelor will discuss some of his favorite memories while helping to lead the community foundation over the past 30 years. During his tenure, he and his team worked with local donors to raise nearly $ 420 million while overseeing a grant process to distribute over $ 315 million. The foundation’s assets grew from $ 20 million to $ 280 million under his leadership. He recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Local Nonprofit Partnership.

To register for the virtual chat, call the foundation at 454-0843 or visit

POST-SCRIPT: It is easier to endure than to change. But once you change, what has been endured is hard to remember. – Susan Sontag (1933-2004), American author, social critic.

Meg Loncharic can be contacted at

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Make the elderly aware of hunger for the annual March for meals Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:34:34 +0000

Alexandria, VA – Meals on Wheels America created the March for Meals campaign in 2002 to recognize Older American Act nutrition programs for communal and home delivery meals and to raise awareness of the growing problem of hunger in the home. the elderly in the United States. This program was created under the Older Americans Act of 1965, promulgated by President Richard Nixon.

During the month of March, Senior Services of Alexandria, in partnership with the Elderly and Adult Services Division of the City of Alexandria, will be reaching out to our community to raise awareness about hunger for older people by volunteering to deliver the meals on wheels or by supporting local senior centers and programs that support seniors. Programs like Meals on Wheels help seniors maintain their health and independence, preventing unnecessary falls and hospitalizations. They also help combat the negative health and economic consequences of loneliness and isolation.

Champions Week takes place March 16-21, when community leaders, government officials, and local businesses and organizations deliver in-home meals to homebound seniors and gain insight into the importance of Meals on Wheels. for our elderly neighbors.

If you want to know more about meals on wheels and senior hunger, go to To volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels or take out groceries (another senior nutrition program from Seniors Services), go to or dial 703-836-4414.

MaryAnne Beatty is Director of Communications for Elderly Services in Alexandria.

ICYMI: Explore various housing options as we age

Publication displays:

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Ricky Hatton posts coronavirus self-isolation video and has sexy cat girl on TV in the background leaving fans hysterical – The Sun Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:34:34 +0000

RICKY HATTON got hysterical fans after posting a self-isolating video with an adult TV channel in the background.

The footage showed a scantily clad brunette on the screen behind him as the former boxer addressed the camera.

⚠ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news and updates

    Ricky Hatton got fans hysterical when he posted a video with an adult TV girl on the screen in the background


Ricky Hatton got fans hysterical when he posted a video with an adult TV girl on the screen in the background
    The Hitman released video of self-isolation amid coronavirus outbreak


The Hitman released video of self-isolation amid coronavirus outbreak

Speaking directly to the camera, the Hitman said, “Hello everyone.

“Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton here. I have been in isolation for seven days now.

“And it’s really hard work, isn’t it.”

Then the fun really started when the joke became clear.

The 41-year-old Manchester-born man slowly turned around and his television came on the scene as he continued: “But what you have to do is to stay positive and keep busy.”


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The screen revealed a dark haired woman in black lingerie lounging on a bed in what appeared to be an adult TV show.

And Hatton added, “Find things to pass your time, keep going and things will be okay.

“All the best everyone.”

Although it is not known exactly which channel the old one boxing world champion watched, fans on Twitter made their own suggestions.

One of them simply wrote: “Babestation”, alongside several laughing emojis.

Another added: “What a geezer!”

Most fans simply responded with laughing emojis, but a City of man the fan took it a step further and said: “What’s worrying is that you must have recorded this because it’s daylight outside …”

And of course, this is not the first time that the former boxer has left his fans hysterical with a “little blue”.

In 2017 Hatton uploaded an image showing a woman in a bra, panties and knee high socks cooking an egg on a stove.

He said, “A breakfast I woke up to this morning?”

But it turned out that the image was uploaded to social media in August 2015 and has been around for years.

    Ricky Hatton had tricked fans into believing that the woman was actually making breakfast for him in 2017, when it clearly wasn't.


Ricky Hatton had tricked fans into believing the woman was actually making breakfast for him in 2017, when it clearly wasn’t.Credit: Instagram / @ rickyhitmanhatton
Anthony Joshua in self-isolation after meeting Prince Charles 16 days before positive coronavirus diagnosis

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How to mend your relationship with your ex and get back on good terms, experts say Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:34:34 +0000

While there is always the chance that meeting an ex will have disastrous results, There are too the possibility that reconnecting with an ex and confronting those old feelings will make you realize that you want to give things another chance. It’s good to want rekindle things with an ex – hey, people do this all the time – but rule number one is to always proceed with caution.

“Make sure you took the time to work on yourself and get a better perspective on what happened and your role, so you don’t repeat the same patterns over and over with that same partner.” . ” Heidi mcbain, MA, LMFT, LPC, RPT, says Bustle. “Therapy can also be helpful here. When contacting them, be very specific about any changes you made during the breakup that you would like to explore to get back with them. Be clear and concise in your message.”

When it comes to the heart, things are seldom simple. Getting back to an ex isn’t the right choice for everyone, and it’s hardly ever easy – but if both people are committed to making things work, it’s not impossible, either. Even if you have no interest in rekindling your romance, healing your old wounds and closing in with an ex is still worth it – it can help your heart heal and help you grow as a person. That way, when you’re in a relationship in the future, you’ll be the best version of yourself possible – with a lot more love to give.

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