Certain Types of Dog Collars Now Illegal in Nash County, New Ordinance Says

NASHVILLE, NC (WNCN) – If you use certain types of collars or keep your dogs tethered outdoors, you may be breaking the law.

Halifax County has banned tethering animals outdoors, but Nash County is taking a different approach.

At Muttley Crew in Rocky Mount, you can find everything your pet needs to live a long and happy life, but there is one item you won’t find for sale.

“We don’t carry any type of choke, spit, or electronic device because they can do a lot of damage to the dog,” said Tasha Aldridge.

With that in mind, Nash County recently banned choke collars and capped the number of dogs that can be tethered outdoors at five.

“We have had complaints quite frankly in different areas of the county where we had tethered dogs,” said William Hill, Nash County health director. “Often there were 10, 12 and sometimes 16 dogs tied. What preoccupied us most was the attention or the lack of attention.

Pets can still be tethered outdoors as long as they have at least 12 feet of cable.

“We want to try to keep them from tangling,” Hill said. “We want to keep them so they can have mobility and exercise even as limited as it would be with a 12 foot chain. There certainly needs to be access to adequate food, water and shelter. “

A first violation is accompanied by a warning and documentation of the order.

“We don’t want to focus just on offenders or people who have been used to doing it for years,” Hill said.

Multiple violations can result in fines or even misdemeanor charges that could result in the confiscation of your animals.

“Most people, you don’t need to have a prescription, and you don’t need to apply that stuff,” Hill said. “For a few, we have to be able to get their attention.”

“If you can’t take care of your pet properly by giving it enough space for exercise, shelter, food and water, you don’t need to own a dog,” Aldridge said. “These animals must be taken from you.”

For more information on the prescription, click here.

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