Class action claims ‘seriously dangerous’ PetSafe shock collars are falsely advertised as safe and effective


A proposed class action lawsuit alleges that Radio Systems Corporation falsely advertised its PetSafe shock collars as “safe” and “harmless”, given that the products were found to be “seriously hazardous” to the physical and psychological well-being of pets. company.

According to the 36-page case, the defendant is representing its PetSafe shock collars, which are designed to deliver an electric shock to an animal’s neck to discourage unwanted behavior, such as barking or crossing a boundary, recommended as a safe and effective training tool. by veterinarians and professional dog trainers. To allay owners’ fears of shocking their pets, the company uses euphemisms such as “static correction”, “surprise”, “tickling” and “stimulation” to describe what, in reality, is a painful electric shock, indicates the combination.

The lawsuit alleges that Radio Systems knew about and did not disclose to pet owners that “[h]Hundreds of documented cases” have shown that using shock collars like PetSafe products can cause serious injuries, including skin breakdown, bruising, inflammation, burns, and infection.

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Additionally, the case argues that “an overwhelming body of scientific research” has confirmed that using shock collars as a training method can cause psychological stress, anxiety, confusion, and depression. in pets, and even lead to gastrointestinal problems and “irreversible changes”. in an animal’s heart rate and respiration. For instance, a study concluded that receiving shocks is “a painful experience” for dogs and may teach them that the presence of their owner, or their commands, is associated with painful shocks, “even outside of the normal training context”, relay the combination.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that another “well-documented” negative effect of shock collars is increased aggression and behavioral problems in dogs in response to shock. According to the lawsuit, “a strong body of scientific literature” shows that the use of electric shock collars is “directly relatedto heightened aggression and that shock-induced aggression is “generally intense and vicious” without the usual warning signs that dogs typically display in response to outside events. As the case may be, training an animal using a shock collar has been shown to be less effective and more dangerous than positive reinforcement training.

The lawsuit goes on to say that although Radio Systems states that its PetSafe collars are recommended by veterinarians and dog training experts, “[n]nothing could be further from the truth. According to the case, the use of shock collars has been “uniformly condemned” by professional canine behaviorists, experts, trainers and veterinarians, and animal rights groups have denounced the products as being ineffective and “cruel devices.”

According to the lawsuit, consumers would not have purchased the PetSafe shock collars if Radio Systems had warned them of the associated safety risks and the “cruelty behind the pet being painfully electrocuted.”

“Nowhere does the defendant disclose the truth – that Shock Collar products are dangerous products that should not be used on pets as a method of training, confining or punishing a pet. Instead of properly warning consumers, defendant continues to falsely claim that Shock Collar products are “safe” and “harmless.”

The plaintiff in the case is a California consumer who says he noticed “a sticky residue and foul odor” around his dog’s neck shortly after purchasing and using a PetSafe shock collar. When the plaintiff removed the collar, according to the case, he saw that “a piece of fur was missing” from his dog’s neck, and a veterinarian later “identified holes in his dog’s neck that coincided with the placement of the inserts in the shock collar. Product”, relays the costume. The complainant says he stopped using PetSafe products after discovering their “harmful effects”.

The lawsuit appears to represent anyone who purchased one or more PetSafe shock collar products in California.

Warning: The complaint below contains a graphic image of a pet injury.

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