Cochise County pet breeding project sparks opposition from Tucson, Beyond | Local News

Mason does not dispute that puppy mills are common in Missouri. However, he said he worked in a puppy mill as a teenager before realizing what it was and had no intention of imitating “bad operators.”

“It will not be a ‘profit before animal welfare’ operation,” he said in a telephone interview from his 25 acres on West Dillman Road, a private dirt road that crosses the American road. 191 approximately 30 miles northeast of Bisbee, the County Seat of Cochise.

Mason, 45, said he plans to start small with six breeding females and eventually hopes to produce boxers, corgis and English Bulldog puppies and three types of exotic felines: Savannah cats, werewolf cats and the Fire-Point Siamese.

Although he owns five dogs – two boxers and three corgis – Mason has no experience with raising pets. He said he had years of experience in the birth of farm animals.

Mason said his Facebook page had been flooded with “hundreds” of negative comments since his plan became public.

“People have told me that I should be murdered, castrated or put in jail,” he said. “I lost a lot of sleep because of it.

“I am found guilty by a court of public opinion without any evidence.”

The sheriff objected

A statement submitted “on behalf” of the Cochise County Sheriff and written by an animal control officer said the proposed breeding facility “would undoubtedly have a negative effect on the county.”

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