Council chiefs support ban on shock collars

Renfrewshire councilors must call for a ban on shock collars for dogs.

A motion was put forward by Councilor Andy Doig and Councilor Eileen McCartin, urging their elected colleagues to agree to write to the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission with the aim of having the controversial devices banned at the “first opportunity”.

Collars can be used as a way to train dogs and work by delivering an electrical charge to control their behavior.

But many believe the method is cruel, with devices capable of delivering shocks of up to 6,000 volts.

The Scottish government promised to ban the necklaces in 2018 but, three years later, it is still legal to use them.

In 2017, the Renfrewshire Council agreed to write to ministers asking for a ban, suggesting the devices “have no place” in modern dog training.

But, since then, no real progress has been made, which has prompted Councilor Doig to re-press the council’s cause.

He said: “I think things have changed a lot over the past 50 years. People thought the best way to train a dog was to show them who the boss is, but now people have come to accept that if we are to build a relationship with a dog we have to do it in a positive way.

“Dogs are often seen as family members of people and we need to change the way we look at them. We don’t hit kids anymore, so why should we punish dogs like that?

The Scottish government has stressed that it does not condone the use of impact collars as training devices, but legislation to make them illegal has yet to be put in place.

The motion to be presented to the Renfrewshire Council at a meeting tomorrow states that it “regrets the Scottish Government’s prevarication on the issue of banning impact collars”.

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