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Some of Singapore’s toughest people have been subjected to 4,500-volt zaps to draw attention to the shocking use of electric shock dog collars in Singapore.

The Singaporean Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) campaign is a voluntary effort of Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore (F&B), along with production partners Heckler and Fuse. The above film will be supported by paid online media and accompanied by still images that will be used in social media.

Explains Ivan Guerra, creative at Forsman & Bodenfors:

This is an idea from a good old product test: we tested the shock collar on ourselves and hated it! The involuntary contractions, grimaces and laughs to hide the pain were perfect proof of our message: if we can’t take it, neither can our pets.

With this campaign, the SPCA renews a call for Singapore to join many other countries in banning such necklaces. Research shows that training with a shock collar is in no way more effective than training without strength, so all it does is cause fear, pain and stress, according to the organization. . The SPCA has information about strength training on their website,

This is the second SPCA campaign by F&B (see “SPCA Hijacks Video Conferencing Backgrounds to Promote Pet Adoption”).

As much Ad Nut hates murderous beasts – who love nothing more than shredding innocent woodland creatures to bloody tattered pieces – Ad Nut is better than them (and also a pacifist), so Ad Nut is horrified by those necklaces. are still used in so-called civilized places.

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