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Far too many cases of animal lovers reprimanded for feeding stray animals in residential areas. Recently, believing that “animals have a right under the law to be treated with compassion, respect and dignity”, the Delhi High Court ruled that dogs in the community should be fed in designated areas and as caregivers to feed them. It has been a relief for the towering people who have so far held on with strong conviction.

Delhi-based animal lovers and rescuers believe this judgment will help them take care of stray animals. “Every positive change in animal welfare brings me closer to realizing my dream that no dog in the community goes to sleep on an empty stomach. Such orders give me hope that there will surely be a day when all stray animals are treated with respect and receive the love and care they deserve. Thanks to this decision, thousands of dogs would get food, as people would now have the courage, strength and power to stand up to those who prevent them from feeding stray animals. This is a huge achievement for all animal lovers who work hard every day, ”said Vibha Tomar, an animal rescuer and veterinarian student based in Delhi.

Animal lovers say having designated feeding points will help keep the peace between dog lovers and other members of the community. (Photo: Sonu Mehta / HT)

Animal welfare advocates also believe that keeping the peace between dog lovers and other community members will be possible if each area has designated feeding points. “Some people have problems with dogs littering the area, which can be fixed easily. But people complain that dogs bark a lot. What else are dogs supposed to do? In addition, I have been mistreated and my character has been questioned, only because I am fighting for the rights of the voiceless in my locality ”, explains Shruti Kapoor, animal rescuer in Rohini, adding:“ We take care of the dogs in our locality at our expense, and the dogs are extremely loving and understanding. The violence inflicted on dog feeders is appalling, and with that in mind, demarcating designated places in each locality, keeping the animal’s territory in mind, will go a long way in maintaining peace. ”

The Delhi HC ordinance also imposes vaccination and sterilization on RWAs and the municipality, and many associations say they are ready to take up the challenge. In the C-9 block of Vasant Kunj, residents and the RWA have formed a dog guard group that takes care of the needs of stray animals. “We have 40 stray dogs, and all of them are vaccinated and sterilized. And we’ve been doing it for years now. In fact, for the people who say that stray animals are dirty, they surely haven’t seen the chaos that pets create; and we are working to put in place rules where each resident will have to pick up after their pet. Of course, there are fights, but we are all deliberating about it together. The region belongs to the wanderers as much as to us. We welcome the decision of the Delhi HC and believe that the RWA should take charge and create an atmosphere of peace for all their members, ”said Mausumi Bhattacharjee, General Secretary of RWA.

And this decision also received applause from the RWAs in the NCR. Nazim Khan, RWA Secretary, Madhuban Apartments in Noida, says: “Many people in our community love animals, love to feed them and care about their welfare. Therefore, as a responsible association, we have provided designated places where food is regularly provided to them. This ensures that the animals do not become violent out of hunger. We have a few complaints of stray dogs biting domestic helpers and children in the locality, but I think everything can be resolved amicably, largely without any violence.

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