Direct Lender Payday Loans


Oak Park Financial is an FCA-approved direct lender that accepts poor credit.We’ll accept applications from those who have not-perfect credit scores, helping you to get a loan of between $300 and $1,000.As a direct lender, you’ll be working with us from start to finish. With direct lenders, there’s no middleman needed!

To apply online just click the button to apply below It will take approximately five minutes to finish.You’ll get an instant decision on the screen, so you’ll know if your application has succeeded or not.We look at all credit scores and, even when you’ve been denied in the past, we might be able to assist!

After a few more checks, the funds will be transferred directly to your account at the bank – we’ll transfer the loan on the next day that you make the application. Since we’re a direct lender there aren’t any fees to apply.

What is a direct lender?

Oak Park Financialis an online lender offering alternatives to payday loans.We will review your application and, once it is approved you can transfer the funds into the bank account you have set up.You can rest assured knowing that you’re working with a reputable company and that your personal information is held in a secure and safe manner.

Since our inception by our founders in 2002, we’ve grown to become one of the best well-established loan providers in the UK and are fully authorized through the Financial Conduct Authority with a solid commitment to responsible lending, and providing customers with fair treatment.If you’re in search of direct lender loans in the UK, Apply Online Now like Oak Park Financial and we will assist you.

The entire application process is accessible complete online and you can complete the application using either a laptop, desktop, or tablet All you require is internet access.The loan application is available to be completed anytime and 7 days a week including weekends. We endeavor to complete and pay your request as soon as we can.

What are the reasons to apply with a direct LENDER?

There are many reasons why it’s a great choice to work with direct lenders instead of brokers.It’s firstly, it’s safe to secure. As direct lenders for those with people with bad credit, our website is located using an SSL which means that there’s an additional layer of encryption that makes your personal information and data safe.Furthermore, as part of being a licensed consumer credit company and being FCA licensed, we have taken particular precautions to keep your personal information and data secure.Therefore, it will not be disclosed to any other company without your consent.

There are no upfront costs When you apply through Oak Park Financial we charge only interest upon successful completion of the loan. There are no upfront charges – when you make an application with Oak Park Financial, we only charge interest upon the successful conclusion of the loan. Alongside providing directly lender loan, the other advantages of partnering to us are:

  • Bad credit considered
  • Instant decision
  • Same day financing
  • There are no upfront costs
  • There is no need for a guarantor

What exactly are payday loans Direct Lenders?

If you’re searching for an online payday loan lender most likely, you’ll require a smaller amount of money to pay for your next payday.Payday loans are a kind of loan with a short duration that can be borrowed for a limited amount of time and will have to be paid back in an amount in one lump amount.

Since it’s more convenient for you to pay off the costs of borrowing with installment loans, at Oak Park Financial, we provide a different option in payday cash loans.If you’re looking for an immediate payday loan from a direct lender in the UK we are able to provide the short-term loan option that will meet your requirements.

What are the reasons you might need a Direct Loaner UK PAYDAY LOAN?

In the case of payday loans and bad credit loans that are backed by direct lenders, and short-term installment loans they are usually repaid to cover unexpected costs.This could range from broken boilers or urgent car repair and the kind of things that you don’t have time to plan for!With an immediate loan you will be able to take care of these costs, and then pay back the loan over time after you receive your payment.

It is vital to keep in mind that short-term loans should not be used to pay for long-term expenses or to repay other loans.If you’re struggling financially, it might be a good idea to solicit help from a third party like Step Change or the Citizens Advice Bureau.They can give you advice that is impartial and will help you get back to a good place.


Are you wondering if it is possible to get a direct lender for a bad credit loan?It’s easy to answer that question: Yes!We’re a direct lender for those with bad credit, which means we’ll take your application into consideration even in the event that you’ve got bad credit.If you’ve had trouble with your finances in the past and may have become insolvent, or received a County Court Judgement (CCJ) you might be able to assist you. Check outCCJ Loansfor more details.

When it comes to a direct lender payday loan we’ll be able to assist you in finding a solution that is suitable for you.We’re a bad-credit loans direct lender If you’re in search of an amount between $300-$1,000 We’ll try our best to help you, even in the event that you have a poor credit score.

Oak Park Financialdoesn’t only concentrate on your credit score also.We’ll also consider your current financial circumstances like your job and earnings that will usually give more information about your ability of you to make your payments on time. This is more important rather than the history of your loan!


If you’re in search of payday loans or direct lenders for bad credit loans, or any other kind of short-term loans, Oak Park Financial could be able to assist.We accept all credit scores with loans that range from $0 to $1,000.You are able to repay the loan over six to 12 months. This lets you pay back the loan in a more affordable way.

At Oak Park Financial, we know that it’s sometimes not feasible to maintain a great credit score.If you lose your job for example or are required to take a longer leave from work you might become behind in your repayments and lower the credit rating.Since these things are out of your control, we would prefer to concentrate on your present circumstances rather than your credit past.

We’re open to considering bad credit loans, but you may be able to complete some simple actions for improving your credit score and increasing your chances of approval!For instance, you could improve your credit rating by cutting off any accounts and cards you aren’t using in addition to making payments on debts you’ve had for a while.Paying your monthly payments in time can aid in improving your credit rating of yours.

What are the criteria to an application?

In order to be eligible to apply toOak Park Financial, you must become a continuous UK resident and be over 25 years old.Additionally, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Employed full-time or part-time which means you are capable of keeping your obligations
  • You must have a mobile phone that is active and an email address
  • You should have an account with a UK base bank account

After you’ve submitted your loan application Oak Park Financial will ensure that you’re able to pay your monthly installments by conducting the affordability and credit checks.If it’s possible that your loan payments will not be as comfortable, we’ll talk about the amount you’d like to borrow, to determine the most suitable amount that is suitable for you.In certain cases, we’ll ask for documents of employment like payslips or a recent statement.

Why should you apply with OAK PARK Financial?

Oak Park Financialis the place to get a loan of up to $1,000 which is repaid over 6or 9 months.If you’re searching for payday loans or direct bad credit lender loans, and other loans for short durations we offer the top best customer service from beginning to close.Additionally, you can transfer the money directly to your bank account in a lump amount.While we aren’t able to assure you that the loan will be instant but we’ll try our best to transfer the money as quickly as we can.

The company we work with is the only UK direct lender that offers an online application that is 100% secure, and with no charges to apply, we’re the perfect loan provider.Direct lenders like Oak Park Financial, you are able to get the financing you require.


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