Dog shock collars should be banned – Eugene Weekly


Shock collars, or electronic collars, are a device used to punish barking dogs, and I think they should be banned. There are two types: remote collars and anti-bark collars. Remote collars have a remote control and a human can electrocute the dog of their own free will. Anti-bark collars automatically shock dogs when they bark, without a remote control.

Shock collars aren’t just used for barking, they’re also used to teach dogs to sit and come. But although shock collars are common dog training tools, they are dangerous and should be banned. Shock collars have already been banned in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, Scotland, Sweden, Wales, parts of Australia and Quebec, and 2020, Petco stopped selling shock collars due to issues of animal abuse and mistreatment. It’s logic.

Shock collars cause visible signs of stress in dogs, such as yelping, screaming, and drooping ears. Dogs have even been known to break when trained with electronic collars. Shock collars can also be traumatic for dogs. A study found that a dog was still scared despite last being shocked a year and a half ago. The same study also showed that dogs trained with shock collars will associate their handlers with electrocution.

Additionally, the use of a shock collar is unnecessary as there are more effective and humane training methods, such as reward-based positive training.

Kalen Spitzer Madix (12 years old)


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