Dozens of dogs seized from Gwynedd farm over animal welfare concerns


More than 30 dogs have been seized by police at a North Wales farm over animal welfare concerns.

Agents from the North Wales Rural Crime Unit executed a warrant at the Gwynedd-based farm, with assistance from the RSPCA.

They found 34 dogs – including a pack of foxhounds – and two ferrets at the address.

In an outhouse about 200 meters from the farm, a dog was found alone, tied up and living in his own droppings.

A vet, who attended the call, examined the dog and found a layer of litter on his paws, suggesting he had been living in these conditions without a litter box for some time.

An investigation has been opened into the condition of the dogs and the violation of a court order banning the keeping of dogs.

All animals have been taken into the care of the RSPCA who will conduct an individual inspection, including microchip verification, before being taken to a safe home.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: ‘RSPCA officers joined North Wales Police as they executed a warrant at a Gwynedd property on November 17 following League reports Against Cruel Sports.

“A number of dogs have been removed and are now being cared for by the RSPCA. We cannot comment further at this time due to ongoing investigations. “

A spokesperson for the North Wales Police Rural Crime Team said: ‘The Rural Crime Team has carried out a search warrant in Gwynedd with the RSPCA, NRW and the Gwynedd Council investigating animal welfare law violations.

“A number of dogs (including hounds, terriers and lurchers) and other animals were seized. An investigation will follow.

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