Edmonds City Council candidates build their war chests as campaign activity intensifies

Edmonds on 06-08-2021
Last name Office Lifted Spent Fundraising of $ 5,000 or more * Distribution of contributions / expenses
Crank, Alicia Town Council Pos 1 $ 18,690.55 $ 3.931.86 Yes Click for details
Hartman, Brian Town Council Pos 1 0 0 No Click for details
Johnson, Kristiana (I) ** Town Council Pos 1 0 0 N / A Click for details
Cass, Janelle Town Council Pos 2 10 $ 180.00 $ 1,003.21 Yes Click for details
Chen, Will Town Council Pos 2 $ 29,434.76 $ 10,474.00 Yes Click for details
Distelhorst, Luc (I) Town Council Pos 2 $ 7,986.80 $ 1,736.67 Yes Click for details
Petso, Lora Town Council Pos 2 0 0 No Click for details
Fraley-Monillas, Adrianne (I) Town Council Pos 3 $ 1,235.00 $ 291.52 Yes Click for details
Tibbott, Neil Town Council Pos 3 $ 17,075.00 $ 4,857.84 Yes Click for details

Notes: (I) indicates the holder;

* Washington state public disclosure laws require candidates who have spent more than $ 5,000 on a previous campaign or plan to spend $ 5,000 on the current campaign to file campaign finance reports with of the PDC. Candidates who do not meet any of these criteria must still register with the PDC and file a personal financial report, but are not required to file campaign financial reports.

** indicates applicants not registered with the Public Disclosure Commission or who have registered but have not filed a report to date.

This bar graph from the PDC provides a visual comparison of the contributions and expenses of candidates for Edmonds City Council.

Fundraising activity continues for candidates seeking a position on Edmonds City Council in this year’s local election. This report updates you and allows you to “follow the money” on the campaign finances of different candidates.

As previously reported, in Edmonds, nine candidates have applied for the three city council positions to be decided in November. Council Position 1 is a three-way race between incumbent Kristiana Johnson and challengers Alicia Crank and Brian Hartman. Three challengers (Janelle Cass, Will Chen and former board member Lora Petso) hope to topple titular named Luke Distelhorst to position 2, making it a four-man race. Finally, the former member of the city council and candidate for mayor Neil Tibbott will face Adrianne Fraley-Monillas, holder of the city council for 11 years. For more information on these and other local races (eg School District, South County Fire), see our May 21 post here.

Note that for races with more than two candidates, the first two voters in the August 4 primary will go to the November general election.

The latest numbers show Will Chen retains the lead in fundraising, topping $ 29,000, more than the combined total of his two position 2 opponents. In what promises to be a hotly contested race for position 3, challenger Neil Tibbott is well in five figures, overtaking his opponent, holder Adrianne Fraley-Monillas. Position 1 hopeful Alicia Crank has a huge head start in fundraising, with her two opponents, incumbent Kristiana Johnson and Brian Hartman, both of whom have reported no fundraising to date.

The attached table details the figures reported by each campaign to the PDC as of Tuesday, June 8. For readers interested in following the money in more depth, the link in the right column opens the candidate PDC’s detailed report page with information on individual contributors, amounts each contributed and how the money was. spent. The information in this table is sourced from the Public Disclosure Commission and the Washington Secretary of State’s VoteWA web page.

To keep you, our readers, informed throughout the electoral cycle, seek to My Edmonds News for regular updates on campaign finances as well as other election-related news.

– By Larry Vogel

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