Election candidates must pledge to act for animal welfare, charity says


Voters in Northern Ireland should challenge election candidates to commit to strong action on animal welfare issues, the USPCA said.

The charity has launched a campaign called Act for Animals, which calls on MPs to pass tougher laws in the next term.

The USPCA highlights four areas of concern: the puppy trade; supervision of prohibited offenders; the badger cull proposed by Stormont to combat bovine tuberculosis; and the practice continues to hunt wild animals with dogs.

USPCA chief executive Brendan Mullan said: ‘Outgoing Assembly voted against introducing ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs, had no time to consider draft private member’s bill that would have tightened regulations on the cruel puppy trade, and the minister for DAERA (Edwin Poots) announced the culling of badgers – a protected species.

Animals play a vital role in our community and our natural environment…but at the same time, they can be taken for granted or even worse, abusedBrendan Mullan, CEO of the USPCA

“Our incoming Assembly must do better, and we all now have the opportunity to use our vote to improve animal welfare in Northern Ireland.”

The charity is asking election candidates to commit to:

– Better enforcement and regulation of the puppy trade

– Vote against a badger cull

– Support the ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs

– Support the introduction of a register of banned offenders.

Mr Mullan added: “Animals play a vital role in our community and our natural environment, enhancing our quality of life, but at the same time they can be taken for granted or, even worse, abused.


Brendan Mullan, CEO of the USPCA (USPCA/PA)

Brendan Mullan, CEO of the USPCA (USPCA/PA)

“As a compassionate society, we must recognize our duty to protect all animals, whether they are our beloved pets or our native wildlife.

“The public has repeatedly demonstrated their desire to see real change in animal welfare here in Northern Ireland.”

The charity said a recent Lucidtalk poll commissioned by the Northern Ireland Companion Animal Welfare Group found that 83% of respondents agree there is a need to improve enforcement of current welfare law. be animals in the area.

Mr Mullan continued: “We thank our supporters for rallying behind our campaign work and look forward to their continued support in the months ahead.

“We all play an important role in shaping Northern Ireland’s political landscape for the next five years – we hope Northern Ireland has a future in which animals get the protection they deserve.”

Announcing the proposed cull of the badger last month, Mr Poots insisted he was not ‘anti-badger’ and instead sought ‘targeted intervention limited to specific areas where badgers can play an important role. in the maintenance of TB in cattle”.


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