Electric shock dog collar videos on YouTube attract sharp criticism

Electric dog collars have been criticized by animal rights groups. (Credit: Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Videos promoting the use of “shock collars” for dogs on YouTube have been criticized by animal welfare charities.

Used in the ‘dog training’ videos, animal welfare charity Blue Cross said the methods are ‘inhumane and ineffective’ and should either be accompanied by a warning or be totally prohibited.

Electric pet collars are currently legal, although the government has promised to ban them in 2018.

Designed to provide large shakes of electricity to control an animal’s behavior, supporters of the tool say it is safe and effective.

But animal rights charities strongly disagree, saying the devices can cause psychological damage, make dogs more aggressive, or even require slaughter.

“ It takes two minutes for someone to watch a short video on YouTube and buy a shock collar and not know how to use them, ” said Ryan Neile, behavior manager at Blue Cross.

“ It’s easy to find pictures online of dogs that have been tagged and burned from these horrible devices and they perpetuate fear and anxiety.

“ We ask dog owners not to rely on YouTube quick fix videos and talk to a charity for the right behavioral advice. ”

electronic collar

Collars deliver an electric shock to dogs (Photo: Getty)

Dog ownership has increased during the pandemic, with illegal puppy farms booming and many owners neglecting their pets.

The increase in the number of dog owners has led many new owners to turn to YouTube for training advice.

But the Blue Cross has warned that owners should look for alternative methods to electronic collars when searching YouTube for pet advice.

Last year, dog trainer David Pitbladdo filmed himself wearing the device and triggering it in a plea to have the devices banned.

Dog trainer tries out an electric dog collar

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But some dog trainers on the YouTube channel claim that electronic collars are safe if used correctly and, when used responsibly, can prevent livestock from being harmed.

“My work is with dogs that hunt and kill animals, and their behavior often cannot be helped by other methods,” said Jamie Penrith, dog trainer on YouTube.

“ People should give their dogs every chance to change – otherwise they could be reprimanded for bad behavior. ”

He claimed that removing his videos would amount to “censorship” because it was an “educational resource on responsible use”.

The government, acting under the leadership of then-Environment Secretary Michael Gove, promised to ban the devices in 2018, arguing the necklaces were causing “ damage and suffering, ” but they didn’t. haven’t done so yet.

‘Wales banned electric collars over a decade ago, but Westminster continues to fall behind in passing legislation to stop cruel aversive training tools,’ says Ryan Neile of Blue Cross .

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