ELLE magazine bans fur in all its titles to support animal welfare


LONDON – Fashion magazine SHE bans fur from the pages of all its international editions in an effort to support animal welfare and reflect changing tastes, the publication said Thursday.

Hailing a “future without fur”, SHE Senior Vice President and International Director Valeria Bessolo LLopiz told Reuters: “This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of animal welfare, build demand for sustainable and innovative alternatives and foster a fashion industry. more human.”

Each of the magazine’s 45 global editions has signed a charter banning editorial content promoting animal fur on its print pages and online and social media sites, Bessolo LLopiz said at The Business of Fashion.

SHE The Lagardère group owner collaborated with the Humane Society of the United States, the Humane Society International and Creatives4Change to draft the charter.

In recent years, a number of fashion houses and retailers have said they are moving away from animal fur or skins under pressure from animal rights groups and changing customer tastes more young, concerned about ethics and the environment.

In September, luxury group Kering announced that all of its brands would stop using animal fur in their collections, four years after its star brand Gucci made the move.

“Fur seems to be outdated and out of fashion, and especially for Gen Z, who are the golden target of the fashion and luxury industry,” Bessolo LLopiz said.

“Gen Z wants fashion to be responsible, ethical and innovative, and it’s happening.”

Founded in 1945, SHE magazine is now published worldwide. Thirteen editions have already implemented the charter, while 20 others will do so from 1 January. The remaining editions will follow from January 1, 2023. — Reuters


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