Emaciated dogs reportedly found in Lim Chu Kang’s kennel, alert animal welfare group NParks


Emaciated dogs reportedly found in Lim Chu Kang kennel by animal welfare group

UPDATE (January 15, 10:45 a.m.): Shared CDAS that NParks, an animal shelter, social welfare group and volunteers rescued the dogs from Lim Chu Kang Kennel.

They are currently receiving medical treatment. CDAS will provide further updates in the future.

Cases of animal abuse or neglect can lurk among us. When suspicions arise, worried Singaporeans often do investigative work to uncover the truth.

On Wednesday, January 12, animal welfare group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) shared about 9 emancipated dogs that they recently alerted to Lim Chu Kang.


A feedback provider and CDAS volunteers apparently discovered the dogs after hearing excessive barking, prompting them to scale a high wall to find out what was going on at the kennel.

The incident was reported to NParks

Emaciated dogs discovered in Lim Chu Kang kennels

In one Facebook post Wednesday January 12, the CDAS shared on suspicious kennels they discovered in Lim Chu Kang.

emaciated dogs 1Source

Apparently, the commentary provider and CDAS volunteers heard the dogs barking excessively and “wailing in pain”. This prompted them to scale a high wall to find out exactly what was going on.

To their horror, they were met by 9 extremely emaciated dogs.

emaciated dogs 2Source

The dogs were apparently injured, sick or showing signs of anxiety and stress.

Inside the kennels, they found feces and dirt that weren’t ideal for the animals that lived there.

emaciated dogs 3Source

9 isolated dogs in kennels

The following day, CDAS shared more photos of the dogs’ plight through another Facebook post.

emaciated dogs 4Source

This poor doggo was so thin and malnourished that the outline of his ribs and bones were clearly visible.


Other animals also show signs of malnutrition when confined to isolated areas.


One of the dogs was apparently so malnourished that he had difficulty getting up: he had to drag his body to reach the food provided by the volunteers.


Another furkid appears to have matted fur and lack proper care.


Incident reported to NParks

After making this horrific discovery, CDAS alerted NParks to the situation.

The animal welfare group reportedly called on authorities to rescue the animals and provide them with medical assistance.

Based on the evidence, the social care group claimed the caretaker was unable to provide proper care to the dogs.

They also shared that although the sitter was offered help with looking after the dogs, she refused the help.

MS News has contacted NParks for comment on the incident and will update the article accordingly when it returns.

I hope the dogs find a better home

The state of emaciated dogs is alarming to say the least.

We hope the authorities will respond to the case and save the animals from their fate.

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Featured image adapted from Chained Dog Awareness (CDAS) in Singapore on Facebook.


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