Ericsson accepts license agreement with Samsung; Concerns about disclosing covid intellectual property in the United States; Huawei’s Huge Royalty Revenue Revealed; UK intellectual property issues; The gold of the LG smartphone portfolio; and more

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Justice Manmohan Singh was the Chairman of India’s recently abolished Intellectual Property Appeal Board and prior to that he sat on the bench of the Delhi High Court where he presided over a series of landmark patent cases. In an exclusive interview, he talks about his shock at the decision to remove the board, but argues that rights holders should not give up hope for the future. Learn more here


Royalty figures released by Huawei, which has yet to report quarterly licensing revenue, suggest it earned more from patents than either Nokia or Ericsson in the first three months of 2021. Read more here

The UK has a world-class intellectual property system, but few UK companies use it. In a post-Brexit, post-pandemic world, this creates problems. Learn more here

USTR’s 301 Special Annual Report identifies growing concern over the issuance of anti-prosecution injunctions by Chinese courts. Learn more here


Under a proposed compulsory licensing law just approved by the Brazilian Senate, pharmaceutical innovators may be forced to give up their trade secrets and data or lose their patent rights. Learn more here

The Open Invention Network announced that Shopify is now a member, adding another big name in tech to its list. Learn more here


NPE created by Dublin-based Atlantic IP Services targets Samsung devices using wireless charging patents purchased from LG Innotek in February. Learn more here

Founded to help reduce patent risk for businesses in an increasingly dynamic video space, VideoLabs faces some of the harsh realities of IP monetization. Learn more here


Widespread declines in Australian applications come as the latest revisions to the country’s patent laws come into force. Learn more here

The US decision to support a covid IP waiver suggests a change in approach to pharmaceutical rights and raises difficult questions about how a suspension will help scale up production efforts. Learn more here

Announcing its results for the first quarter, Xperi announced strong growth in its media licensing business but a decline in repositioned IP activity. Learn more here


Ericsson locks in multi-year patent license agreement with Samsung as renegotiations with Apple and Huawei loom. Learn more here

An in-depth review of LG’s smartphone patents shows that they are likely to be of considerable interest to potential buyers. Learn more here

The Delhi High Court upheld a provisional anti-prosecution injunction against Xiaomi granted to InterDigital late last year. Learn more here


The Biden administration’s decision to support the waiver of intellectual property rights to covid vaccines raises serious concerns that go far beyond the biopharmaceutical industry. Learn more here

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