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According to campaign finance reports maintained by the North Carolina State Council of Elections, North Carolina State Senator Jim Perry (R-Lenoir) was an outstanding fundraiser during his short term at the North Carolina General Assembly. His campaign committee brought in over $ 1,500,000 in revenue in the last election cycle and is on track to surpass that number this cycle.

“We will exceed our goal of $ 500,000 in cash on hand by December 31st. It takes money to win an election. I have to make sure I win, but I also need help from other Conservatives across the state. I want to help Senator Berger lead a qualified majority in the North Carolina Senate. “

Senator Jim Perry was unanimously elected by his peers to serve as Senate Majority Whip during his first full term. He is President of Health Care, President of Health and Social Services Appropriations and Chairman of the Special Senate Committee on Storm Debris and Damage.

“I am grateful to have such great support from small business owners who appreciate having felt the same difficulties. I am a businessman who has fallen into politics, not a long-time politician.

Perry is a pro, pro economy, small Conservative government company. He believes the majority of people in North Carolina are freedom lovers and just want to be left alone by the government.

“At a minimum, I want everyone to remember those numbers: three, two and one. We need to see three more Conservatives in the House, two more Conservatives in the Senate, and one more Conservative in the North Carolina Supreme Court. Virginia has shown us a clear path. If the folks in the East support me and we hit those numbers, we’ll have our own ‘lockdown’. We will lock in government excesses. “

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This week’s events in Arlington: Stuff the Sleigh, Christmas tree lighting and a holiday café latte contest Mon, 06 Dec 2021 18:30:42 +0000

Holiday events are in full swing this week, with plenty of opportunities to support local vendors, sip seasonal hot drinks and give back to the community.

Some of the highlights from the local events from December 6 to 12 are below. Submit your event to our calendar of events by completing this event submission form at least two weeks in advance.

Wednesday December 8

Comedian Josh Johnson at Arlington Drafthouse
Arlington Cinema Drafthouse (2903 Columbia Pike)
Time: 7 p.m.

Comedian Josh Johnson, who appeared on The Daily Show, will be joking around at Arlington Drafthouse with special guest and fellow comedian Logan Nielsen, who co-hosts the Josh Johnson Show podcast with Johnson.

Thursday December 9

Arlington reads: Imbolo Mbue in conversation with Diane Kresh
In line
Time: 7 p.m.-8 p.m.

Join the Arlington Public Library online for a conversation between novelist Imbolo Mbue and library director Diane Kresh about Mbue’s book “How Beautiful We Were”.

Rosslyn Tree Lighting
Central Square Square (1800 N. Lynn Street)
Time: 5 p.m.

Stop at Central Plaza to watch a Christmas tree light up in Rosslyn. There will be beer, wine and spiked mulled cider from Open Road, a photoshoot in Santa’s chair, performances by the HB Woodlawn High School Choir, a live mariachi band and raffle prizes. WJLA will be leading a countdown to lighting the trees in the neighborhood, which will be broadcast live on Facebook. As a bonus, The View of DC will remain open until 9 p.m.

Friday December 10

Rosslyn Holiday Market
Central Square Square (1800 N. Lynn Street)
Time: 5 pm-8pm

For two days, people can browse wares from local vendors selling crafts, handmade clothes, natural beauty products and treats, take photos with Santa Claus, and sip on festive drinks. The Friday market will welcome the dogs and the Saturday market, 11 am to 4 pm, will be family-friendly, topped off with a special holiday performance of “The Miraculous Magic Balloon” by Synetic Theater at 3 pm.

Saturday December 11

BSA Troop 647 Food Drive
Alliance Church (2666 Military Road)
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

People can donate unopened canned or packaged dry food to the Arlington Food Assistance Center as part of this annual Boy Scouts food drive. The troop asks that donations be wrapped or wrapped, and that donors avoid glass packaging and perishable items. Those who cannot make it to church can email [email protected] to see if the Scouts can collect their donations.

Scouts will accept old worn out US flags, as well as state, county, and other national flags, to be properly “retired.” Flags must be brought in plastic bags.

Stuff the sled
Arlington Animal Welfare League (2650 S. Arlington Mill Drive)
Time: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Spread the holiday cheer to the animals and help AWLA ‘stuff the sled’ (a transport van) by donating the most needed supplies from her holiday wish list. Donations will benefit animals in the shelter and pet families in the community who need a little extra support this holiday season.

Sunday 12 December

Winter Bazaar at the Arlington Drafthouse
Arlington Cinema Drafthouse (2903 Columbia Pike)
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Shop and support local and regional vendors at a Holiday Market hosted by Arlington Drafthouse. The bar will be open for those who wish to sip while they shop.

Peppermint Mocha Contest
National Landing (2121 Crystal Drive)
Time: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The National Landing Business Improvement District is hosting its first peppermint latte competition, featuring local cafes specializing in festive lattes. Guests will be able to enjoy holiday drinks signed by Commonwealth Joe, The Freshman and Origin Coffee Lab & Kitchen and vote for their favorite. There will also be a live DJ and a branded cafe.

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Biometric devices for convenient identity authentication Sun, 05 Dec 2021 21:55:00 +0000 Fingerprint readers are a must have in modern offices. They protect your computers from intruders and add an extra layer of protection to your sensitive data. They can also be used in offices for identity authentication, entry and exit, or in government offices to record citizen data. Overall, they are very useful and serve as modern authentication for your identity. Here are some of the best biometric devices for this purpose.

Mantra MFS100 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

The Mantra MFS100 can be used for authentication, identification and verification functions that allow your fingerprint to act as a digital password that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen. The hard optical sensor is resistant to scratches, impacts, vibrations and electrostatic shock, which makes it durable. It can connect via USB and be used for Aadhaar projects, NDLM projects and many other projects. It is sturdy and has a tough glass panel for scanning, making it a great choice for public offices.

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Biometric devices for convenient identity authentication

This is an accurate optical USB fingerprint sensor with 500 DPI resolution. It automatically detects the finger when it is placed on the reader. Smart Capture works with dry, wet, aged, marked, and even hard-to-scan fingers. Scratch, shock, corrosion and electrostatic shock resistant glass plate makes it perfect for use by many people. It has an ultra-compact and discreet design. It supports SecuGen, MINEX Certified and third-party algorithms. It can scan prints very quickly and has an ultra-compact and unobtrusive design.

Yukonics-Mantra MFS-100 Fingerprint Type-C Biometric Scanner

Biometric devices for convenient identity authentication

Are you looking for something easy to use? It is a great choice, it has a plug and play high speed USB 2.0 interface and supports multiple devices. It has a high quality 500 DPI optical fingerprint sensor and can read all kinds of hard-to-decipher fingerprints. It also has an anti-scratch sensor which makes it very durable in the long run. Thanks to the USB 2.0 connection and fast scanning, this is one of the best all-around fingerprint scanners.

Velentron – Secugen Hamster HU20 / Pro20 USB Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Biometric devices for convenient identity authentication

When it comes to biometric fingerprint scanners, this is an accurate and efficient fingerprint scanner designed to read all kinds of fingerprints. It supports many projects related to fingerprints, such as Aadhaar reading and other government programs. It can support SecuGen and third party algorithms and is MINEX certified. Supports international and US biometric standards. It is compatible with all kinds of fingerprint scanner algorithms and offers completely accurate and secure fingerprint scanning.

Escozor ABS Digital Lock Smart Biometric Fingerprint For Cabinet Or Drawer

Biometric devices for convenient identity authentication

Here is a fingerprint reader to keep your cabinets and drawers safe. It can store up to 20 fingerprints and is very easy to install even by laymen, which makes it very convenient. It has smart functions that remind you to swap batteries. There is also a micro USB cable that charges it in an emergency. It also has fast fingerprint recognition. It is ideal for locking money cabinets.

Cogent CSD 200 fingerprint reader

Biometric devices for convenient identity authentication

This is a good value for money fingerprint scanner for new users. It has 500 ppi resolution which captures fingerprints with high quality resolution. It is fully equipped with auto-capture, adjustable brightness, contrast and gain functions. This helps you manage more of the fingerprints you register and get the details and information in a way that works for you. He is also quick to read impressions. It’s easy to use.

]]> ECC Foundation launches its annual scholarship fundraising campaign | Local news Sun, 05 Dec 2021 17:00:00 +0000

The East Central College Foundation has launched its annual “Friends of the Foundation” scholarship campaign, according to a school statement.

In 2021-2022, the foundation awarded $ 478,150 in scholarships to 293 students. He hopes to allocate $ 485,595 to 330 students in 2022-2023.

The foundation was established in 1975, six years after the college itself. Bridgette Kelch, executive director of the foundation, said that since 2002, the foundation has awarded more than $ 2.8 million.

From 2009 to 2017, the total amount awarded by the foundation stagnated around $ 170,000, but in recent years it has jumped to over $ 475,000. Kelch said she expects another increase this year from $ 40,000 to $ 50,000.

In November, two stock exchanges were created. The Patricia Forget scholarship will be awarded to a non-traditional student – 23 years of age or older – with a preference for someone from a rural area. Former ECC President Karen Herzog also created a scholarship named after her and her late husband Don to go to a piano student.

The scholarship campaign begins in November and usually ends in February. Gifts can be made online at or by calling 636-584-6505.

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New York lawyer sues food companies over ‘misleading’ animal claims Sat, 04 Dec 2021 18:33:00 +0000

Poultry and meat producers owe it to their customers to tell them the truth about how their animals are raised, according to a “tormented” Manhattan debt lawyer and former carnivore who is suing several companies for false advertising.

Lawyer Jesse Langel has said in court documents he no longer supports “misleading” advertising that claims to be humane treatment from companies such as Chipotle, Dietz & Watson, Applegate Farms and Empire Kosher Poultry – the most major producer of kosher birds in the United States

He has filed four lawsuits in the Manhattan Supreme Court since Oct. 17, accusing the companies of false advertising in the way they describe the treatment of animals sent to the slaughterhouse, and attributes a “growing awareness,” as well as books like Yuval Harari’s Sapiens and David Simon’s Meatonomics, for his epiphany on “the seriousness of these animal welfare issues”.

In his latest claim, Langel claims that the Kosher Empire turkey caused him “trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, irritation, and disturbed emotional well-being.”
JC Rice for NY Post

In the latest complaint filed Nov. 29 against Empire Kosher, Langel claims that a $ 6.99 package of turkey breast advertised as being from “humane” birds caused him “trouble sleeping, concentration, irritation and disturbance of emotional well-being ”.

Far from it, he says in court documents, saying the company’s turkeys are “inhumanly produced” in a “violent and inherently stressful environment.”

“My mom tried to raise me as a vegetarian when I was a young child. But I ignored his calls to do so, which I sincerely regret, ”he told the Post.

Langel, above, described himself as a
Langel described himself as a “particularly aggrieved consumer”.
JC Rice for NY Post

The consumer debt lawyer described himself as “deeply upset and heartbroken by the lingering injustices inherent in animal production”, calling himself “a particularly aggrieved consumer with unique skills to right these perceptible wrongs at this time. “.

The companies could not be reached for comment.

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Campaign Funding Final Report Shows Consistency Among Top Boulder City Council Candidates Sat, 04 Dec 2021 02:35:01 +0000

Campaign contributions have remained stable throughout the cycle of the 2021 municipal elections in Boulder.

Reports filed by the official nominee committees before the Thursday night deadline indicated consistency among eight of the candidates for Boulder city council, while two candidates raised and spent significantly less.

Although Lauren Folkerts, Matt Benjamin, Tara Winer, Nicole Speer and Mark Wallach were ultimately elected, these five candidates along with Dan Williams, Michael Christy and Steve Rosenblum all spent between $ 20,000 and $ 22,000, according to the final report. on campaign funding, which was due Thursday.

Candidates Jacques Decalo and David Takahashi collected and spent the least. Decalo said he raised $ 1,370 and spent $ 1,201. Takahashi said he raised and spent $ 8,167.

The eight top spenders all raised similar amounts, and all eight qualified and accepted matching funds from the city. Each committee received between $ 10,000 and $ 12,500 in contributions and between $ 10,000 and $ 11,000 in matching funds, depending on the information available in the final campaign funding report.

To get matching funds from the taxpayer-funded program, which aims to limit big spending in local races, applicants must first qualify. To do this, they cannot count more than $ 25 in contribution to the eligible amount, which is $ 2,173 in 2021, Election Administrator Dianne Marshall previously told the camera.

Upon qualifying, Boulder matches 100% of all monetary contributions up to $ 10,866, which is 50% of the spending limit.

Contributions must be monetary, which excludes in-kind contributions or loans, and must come from a natural person. Candidates also agree not to spend more than $ 4,346 of their personal money to fund the campaign.

The candidate’s expenses, the expenses of the candidate’s official campaign committee, and any expenses coordinated with others all apply to the expense limit, according to city election documents.

Consistency among the top eight candidates also represents consistency across different political factions, as four candidates were supported by PLAN-Boulder County and Forward Boulder and the other four were supported by the Coalition.

Likewise, campaign contributions were not necessarily an indicator of success for resident-initiated voting metrics.

For example, Bedrooms Are For People, a failed voting measure that would have relaxed the city’s occupancy limits, outraged the NO opposition group on Bedroom $. Bedrooms raised $ 30,762, while its opposition raised $ 17,832.

Likewise, opposition to the Humane Clothing Act, a successful measure that will ban the manufacture and sale of new fur products, has outraged supporters. NO to 301: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, the official opposition group, raised $ 2,328, while the Humane Clothing Act Committee said it raised $ 140.

However, supporters and opponents of Let the Voters Decide on CU South, a failed ballot measure that would have required a vote on the CU South annexation agreement, raised and spent similarly.

Protect Our Neighbors, the opposition group, spent and raised $ 18,185, while supporters of Save CU South raised $ 16,855 and spent $ 12,646.

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The 10 Best MagSafe Cases Fri, 03 Dec 2021 22:15:41 +0000

Personal, courtesy of Apple

There’s no better way to protect your iPhone than investing in a good case. These days you’ll want a MagSafe-compatible one as well, with built-in magnets to connect the back of your phone to chargers and a host of other accessories. Apple introduced the MagSafe cases last fall to coincide with the release of the iPhone 12. But now, with the iPhone 13 debut in September 2021, a whole new batch of MagSafe cases has hit the market. Whether you’re looking for something affordable that stands up to knocks or a buttery soft leather case, read on for our recommendations, plus tips to consider before you shop.

What to consider

There aren’t a lot of things to consider when buying a MagSafe iPhone 13 case, but they are important. The first thing to do is decide if you want a case with a fun design or an extremely durable case. Few options do well on both ends of the spectrum, but that’s not to say that a case with colorful graphics won’t do a good job protecting your phone, or a case tested to survive drops three times greater than. the military standard cannot be smooth and streamlined.

Cases are typically made with a tough polycarbonate, silicone, or leather, and some are wallet-case combos or have additional accessories to hold ID and cards. There are super slim cases on the market that add a few millimeters to the thickness of the iPhone and others with a sturdy and thick construction to withstand heavy impact. Most have bevelled edges to protect the screen and camera, and some feature shock-absorbing corners, a scratch-resistant coating, and a soft microfiber lining.

How we chose

All of the MagSafe iPhone 13 cases we cover have an average rating of 4 stars or higher, and several ratings of 4.5 stars or higher. We’ve searched for cases in a range of styles and materials, from top brands like OtterBox, Smartish, Spigen, and of course Apple. Our selection also includes choices from several price ranges, from the value case for $ 20 or less to premium options starting at $ 50. Note that all of the MagSafe cases we cover are for the iPhone 13.

Unless otherwise specified, cases are also designed for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, and some for the iPhone 13 Mini. All of our choices are also available for the iPhone 12 series.

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Best value

MagSafe Slim case for iPhone 13 Smartish


$ 13.99

This slim MagSafe case from Austin, TX-based Smartish is a great all-rounder choice for its style, reasonable price, and practical design.

The case is lined with soft microfiber and the grippy texture of the exterior helps keep your iPhone 13 in hand. It features raised edges around the camera and screen for extra protection against scratches, as well as shock-absorbing corners to prevent damage from drops. The case weighs just 2 ounces and is available in purple and blue, with an attractive clear faux wood finish option.


The essential case

Apple Silicone MagSafe Case

Those who want a quick fix for protecting their iPhone 13 – and they don’t mind spending the extra cash – will do well with the brand’s original case. While it doesn’t feature a lot of bells and whistles, it looks sleek and the silicone exterior provides an effective grip, in addition to a soft microfiber lining.

Another bonus is the fun and poppy color selection, with options like clover green, marigold, and pink pomelo.


Best for safety

OtterBox Commuter Series Apple iPhone 13 MagSafe Case


$ 39.95

OtterBox is the first name that comes to mind for ultimate smartphone protection. It’s a darling of parents resigned to having their devices tossed off the dining table, and all of us on the middle finger.

The Commuter Series has all the top-notch safety features the brand is known for, including testing to survive drops three times the military standard, and this model comes with an antimicrobial outer coating. It’s also made with 35% recycled plastic, features dust protection around the ports and a soft interior lining.

The case is available in three colors with black. Keep in mind that this case is only available for the iPhone 13.


Best ultra-thin case

MagSafe slim case for iPhone 13 totallee


$ 39.00

Totallee’s MagSafe case is the thinnest option we could find on the market at just 0.5mm – just a tad thicker than the iPhone 13. Yet despite its slim build, it doesn’t sacrifice not the protection, with a raised lip around the camera and a good grip to prevent drops.

It’s great for those who’d like to go without a case, but like most of us it’s handy and can’t afford to buy a new phone on a whim. The case is available in black, blue, and green, along with a few clear options.


Best clear case

Apple Clear MagSafe Case

Here’s another smart option for minimalists. This crystal-clear option is one of Apple’s original cases, compatible with the brand’s MagSafe technology.

Pair it with the starlight iPhone 13 for a sleek look or the Product Red version, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale donated to HIV / AIDS treatment programs. The housing is an ultra-flexible and soft polycarbonate designed to prevent yellowing, with a scratch-resistant coating both inside and out.


Best wallet case

Genuine Leather Wallet and MagSafe Case

This wallet combo with MagSafe case allows you to keep your cards, cash and your iPhone 13 in one slim and attractive package.

Another plus is that it has RFID blocking material between its genuine leather casing to protect sensitive items inside. There is also a magnetic closure and a 3mm raised edge around the camera.

The case is designed exclusively for the iPhone 13, not the entire series, and comes in four nice two-one color options.


Best Graphic Design

Sonix Confetti MagSafe Case

For a fun and secure MagSafe case for your iPhone 13, look no further than this collection from Sonix. There are eight eye-catching prints to choose from and a glow-in-the-dark option.

All of them have a beveled edge around the camera lens and impact resistant sides, as well as an anti-scratch coating to prevent bumps. The case is tested to withstand drops up to 10 feet and weighs just 1.6 ounces.


Most elegant design

Spigen Mag Armor MagSafe Case

This stylish MagSafe case is from Spigen, known for their line of stylish gear and accessories designed for people on the go. Over 160 customers give it an average of 4.6 stars, and the matte black case features a textured design on the back with the brand’s silver logo.

It is constructed from sturdy thermoplastic polyurethane, with raised edges to protect the screen and camera. It is also designed with an air cushion in key places to absorb shock.


For a robust style

Rokform Crystal Series MagSafe Case


$ 59.99

Of all the MagSafe cases we cover, this one is the toughest, with a rugged style and a futuristic vibe. The Rokform is designed to withstand blows, with a built-in center twist lock for mounting on a motorcycle, ATV or mountain bike with mounting equipment sold separately.

Inside there are two industrial grade magnets so the case can stick to metal (like a toolbox!) Without interfering with Bluetooth or GPS. The housing is made of impact resistant polycarbonate, with additional protection for the screen and camera, as well as reinforced corners.


Best leather

Apple Leather MagSafe Case

Really, a genuine leather MagSafe case for under $ 50 isn’t a bad deal. It’s a great stocking stuffer or last minute gift, and it’s available in more exciting colors than standard black and brown. This beautiful green case, for example, is sure to turn heads, and it’s also available in black cherry and wisteria. Note that the case wrinkles and takes on a natural patina after prolonged use.

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The Chronicle of the Horse Fri, 03 Dec 2021 13:05:42 +0000

Horses have adapted in several ways over the millennia to be able to escape predators and survive in the wild: they have long faces that house complex structures for a strong sense of smell, skin so sensitive that it contracts when one fly the key, and a set of some of the largest mammal eyes.

But there is one sensory organ that is often overlooked: the vibrissae, better known as the whiskers. These long hairs on the muzzle and around the eyes are useful sensory elements for horses, but many riders trim them for a cleaner appearance. While horses can survive without their vibrissae, their size is starting to be seen as a horse welfare issue as people learn more about their function and extrapolate research done with other species to horses.

Since July 1, the International Equestrian Federation has banned cutting of sensory hair around the muzzle and eyes, following long-standing bans due to horse welfare concerns in some European countries.

Trimming of the sensory hair around the muzzle and eyes is now prohibited in international competitions due to horse welfare concerns. Photo by Lindsay Berreth

Andrew McLean, Ph.D., BSc, Dip Ed, is an equine behavioral science expert at Melbourne University Equine Hospital in Australia, the CEO of Equitation Science International, a former top rider and has experience with racehorses and elephants. well-being. He has studied the significance of equine vibrissae, but he says their function has not been examined as widely as it has been with other mammals, such as rats or manatees. Research on the sensory capacities of equines has focused much more on hearing and vision.

But unlike a human beard, equine whiskers are embedded much deeper into their skin and help horses sense their surroundings.

“Each of them is housed in their own blood capsule with a lot of nerves,” McLean said. “The idea of ​​the blood capsule is that even the smallest movement of the mustache itself is picked up by sensory receptors and goes straight to the brain. They are considered to be high sensitivity receptors, in other words, low threshold receptors, because it only takes a little movement to trigger the diffusion of information.

Not your average hair

While whiskers are made of keratin like the hair on a horse’s body, they are quite different. Their follicles are five to six times the size of a regular hair follicle. In mammals like rats that are born naked, whiskers are the only hair on the body at birth.

“This is the first hair to develop on an embryo,” McLean said. “They don’t shed like normal hairs. The hairs of primates are never so sensory – they are only hairs – whereas they are very much so in many animals such as horses, dogs and cats. It is a fairly unique and specialized structure. In some animals, it even helps maintain balance; in swimming aquatic mammals, it maintains their balance and orientation when swimming. Manatees have highly developed vibrissae.

When a horse grazes, scientists believe mustaches help it smell the ground, much like a human using their fingers and hands to explore their surroundings, while still being able to keep their eyes on danger. The muzzle area is a blind spot, so whiskers can help a horse be aware of an entering object. Horses use their noses to investigate objects, food, and other herd members, and whiskers likely help them explore their surroundings. (The hair around the eyes also helps the horse feel about its surroundings and prevent eye injuries.)

There are two types of whiskers: macro-vibrissae, which are thicker and longer and help determine the distance and width of an object, and micro-vibrissae, which are shorter and thinner and are found more near the mouth. Researchers believe that the latter are more important for object recognition than spatial tasks.

big mustaches
There are two types of whiskers: macro-vibrissae, which are thicker and longer and help determine the distance and width of an object, and micro-vibrissae, which are shorter and thinner and are found more near the mouth. Amy Dragoo Photo

In rats, each mustache connects to its own separate location in the brain, indicating their importance, but it is not known if this is the case with horses. Studies have shown that rats are severely disabled if their whiskers are cut. Although scientists know that whiskers are sensory objects in horses, more specific research is lacking.

“We know they are more prone to head and eye injuries [when whiskers are trimmed], but we don’t know much else, ”McLean said.

He added that there is no published study that explains how they affect a horse mentally.

“I was involved in writing the last five realm model, which also included human / animal interactions, and we really don’t know much about that kind of depravity in terms of mental affect – mental security in terms of mental affect. ‘an animal and what it does to it, because we haven’t been able to do it,’ he said. ” It is possible to
to experiment, of course. These are called judgment bias tests. I think that would be a really good thing to do, but it would take ethical approval to shave a horse’s whiskers just to do it. It might actually appear once and for all, but it’s a really damaging thing.

In 2013, Machteld van Dierendonck conducted a study at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands to examine the function of vibrissae and the effects of their size.

The group applied stimuli to the whiskers of 14 horses – heat, cold, damage, electricity and traction – for five seconds. Behavior and heart rate were analyzed. No significant change in heart rate was noted, but the researchers commented that heart rate might not be the correct result to measure.

They also tested horses in three groups, with shaved, trimmed and uncut whiskers, looking at behavior and nose hump rates in a small bucket.

“No conclusion can be drawn from these results concerning the effect of the size of the vibrissae on the parameters used”, report the results of the published study. “The parameters analyzed do not appear to be useful outcome measures.”

A matter of animal welfare

Germany became the first country to ban the removal of mustaches in 1998, followed by Switzerland in 2014. In 2019, France banned the practice. The FEI rule was adopted unanimously in its vote at the FEI General Assembly in December 2020. (No ban on trimming ear hair has been enacted as it is not considered as sensory.)

“It’s ultimately about the welfare of the horses and ensuring that horses are not deprived of an important sensory mechanism, and this provides the FEI community with a harmonized and international approach by aligning on legislation already in place at national level in several of the FEI member countries. “said Dr Jenny Hall, Chairman of the FEI Veterinary Committee and member of the FEI Board of Directors.

The full regulations, article 1004, state: “Horses are not allowed to compete in FEI races: to prevent pain or discomfort to the Horse. Areas of hair that must be trimmed, shaved or removed for veterinary treatment are exempt from this rule.

An FEI spokesperson added: “This rule was established based on the broad understanding of Animal Welfare and Behavioral Science Committee members current and clinical experience rather than in response to a specific scientific study recently published.

“It is important to note that the members of the FEI Veterinary Committee are elected for their expertise and knowledge of the health and welfare of equines at large. So they have both the knowledge and the experience of applying science to protect the welfare of equine athletes, ”the FEI statement continued.

The American Equestrian Federation has not adopted a rule prohibiting the trimming of sensory hair for national competitions.

“[USEF] does not currently intend to implement a similar rule for national level equestrian competitions, but encourages members to consult their own veterinarians when making decisions regarding the care and grooming of their horses, ”a declared a statement sent by email by a spokesperson for the federation.

While he believes the new FEI mustache rule should have been passed long before, McLean is happy to see advances in animal welfare in equestrian sports. He noted that anything that sports can do to improve themselves for the horses involved also gives them a better reputation when it comes to public perception.

“This idea of ​​social license is sort of the last word when it comes to animal welfare,” he said. “Social license to operate is basically about the fact that it doesn’t matter what experts think or what experienced horses think, how the general public perceives what you do and what the community expects about how we caring for animals, and it’s really the reassessment of practices that pushes all of this through likes on Facebook. If organizations like the FEI don’t stay one step ahead, it will set everything back. Next thing happens if you’re not ahead of the game, the legislation kicks in. “

He highlighted the ban on greyhound racing in New South Wales, Australia, after discovering the industry was using live bait during races. The sport was banned within a month, but in the years that followed it was allowed to come back more regulated.

“This is a good example [of what happens] if you’re not ahead of the game, ”he said. “I think we need to be aware of these possibilities in the horse world. It is not difficult: to always have very good interactions with the horses and to maintain equestrian sports as long as they are more regulated, and we take care of the welfare of the horse.

This article appeared in The Chronicle of the Horse in our November 22-29, 2021 issue.

Subscribers can choose online access to a digital version or a print subscription or both, and they will also receive our lifestyle publication, Untacked.

If all you do is follow COTH online, you are missing out on so much unique and awesome content. Each printed issue of the Chronicle is packed with in-depth competition information, fascinating articles, in-depth reviews of issues in the sports of hunting / jumper, eventing and dressage, and stunning photographs.

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Corza Medical acquires Katena Products Thu, 02 Dec 2021 19:07:30 +0000

Private equity firm GTCR today announced that Corza Medical has acquired Katena Products and its ophthalmic surgery offerings.

Katena is developing ophthalmic products used in cataract, glaucoma and corneal surgeries, including precision surgical instruments, single-use devices and specialty biologics, according to a press release. The company, which has more than 200 employees in North America and Europe, has sold products in more than 110 countries to more than 5,000 customers.

Corza said in the statement that the acquisition expands its surgical product portfolio while adding significant scale, product line and infrastructure to its ophthalmic surgery segment. This is Corza’s first complementary acquisition since its inception in January 2021, the company aiming to take on the “near monopoly” leaders in medical technology. Corza was born from the merger of Surgical Specialties and TachoSil, a spin-off from Takeda.

“The addition of Katena is very complementary to our existing surgical product portfolio,” Corza Executive Chairman Greg Lucier said in the release. “This acquisition underscores our commitment to serve our customers with differentiated, high-performance technologies coupled with world-class service. We look forward to continuing to support Katena’s customer base and expanding our presence in the surgical market through continued investments in organic growth and mergers and acquisitions. “

Corza CEO Dan Croteau called Katena a brand with “decades of trust and clinical relevance” in the field of ophthalmic surgery.

“Corza is committed to providing exceptional service and value to our customers, transforming surgical outcomes and changing the lives of patients around the world,” said Croteau. “The acquisition of Katena further enables us to carry out our mission with high quality products that enable our customers to maintain, improve and restore the sight of their patients. “

“Greg, Dan and the Corza team are building a unique platform in the medical technology industry, with an attractive portfolio of growing products in the areas of wound closure, biosurgery and ophthalmology” , added Sean Cunningham, Managing Director of GTCR. “We are delighted to continue to develop the Corza portfolio with additional mergers and acquisitions. “

Confirmed: Date and time of Chelsea’s 2021 Club World Cup campaign revealed Thu, 02 Dec 2021 11:30:00 +0000

Chelsea learned of their journey to the 2021 Club World Cup after dates and times were confirmed by FIFA.

Thomas Tuchel’s side qualified for the competition by winning the Champions League, and will face the winners of Al Hilal SFC against Al Jazira / Auckland City FC in the semi-finals.

It has been confirmed that the tournament, which has been moved to the United Arab Emirates, will take place between February 3 and 9, but the specific days Chelsea will play have now been revealed.