Game changer for the fur industry ensuring animal welfare and environmental standards, responding to reviews

LONDON, September 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Customers Now Have the Green Light to Buy and Wear Natural Fur with Confidence With the Launch of a Comprehensive Global Certification and Traceability System That Ensures Animal Welfare and Environmental Standards, Furmark®. In the industry’s biggest upheaval to date, the fur trade is transforming the way it processes natural fur throughout its supply chain.

Available worldwide and developed by the International Fur Federation (IFF) – with input from LVMH Group (the world’s largest luxury goods conglomerate) and key brands – Furmark® the products are traceable, verified and guaranteed to comply with recognized standards.

Furmark® will change the perception of fur and open up fur to a whole new market and audience: it responds to the unfounded accusations of opponents of fur. Industry, industry leaders, scientists, sustainability managers and wellness experts have come together to agree on a set of recognized standards – based on science, independent inspection and transparency – and a global labeling scheme which aims to modernize natural fur.

Furmark®-Certified products have a unique alphanumeric tag code that provides full traceability details (fur type; fur origin, animal welfare program; manufacturer; and place of manufacture), ensuring consumers can purchase natural fur with confidence.

Furmark® certification means consistent standards throughout the supply chain: it only incorporates natural wild or farmed fur from major animal welfare programs (including the first animal welfare program promoted by the European Commission’s self-regulation and co-regulation initiative, WelFur) sold through the auction system.

Fully certified products must be processed by accredited dressers and dyers who meet the SafeFur standard (covering durability, chemical use, emissions and product safety) which includes third party testing. Furmark®-Certified products can only be manufactured by companies that have successfully passed due diligence checks carried out by brand protection and anti-counterfeiting experts. Each step of the process is recorded via a traceability component accessible to the customer, ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain.

Every animal welfare and sustainability program has a detailed protocol or standard, independently developed and based on science. The respective programs are then subjected to a third party evaluation and certified by a recognized certification body. Strict and active enforcement is ensured through visits and assessments: those who do not meet the standards are excluded from the certification program and the Furmark® system.

A new global study has shown that 70% of the public are “open” in one form or another to designers and brands using natural fur. A majority (65%) of these people responded positively to Furmark® and more than half (56%) say it changes their view of natural fur “very positively” or “positively”.

Marc Oaten, CEO of IFF, said: “This is a game changer: if people had any doubts about buying or wearing natural fur, then they got a response with Furmark®. “

“Our centuries-old business is undergoing its most significant transformation to date; traceable and sustainable products represent the real alternative to “fast fashion”. “

It guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards and demonstrates our common ambition to deliver transparent and easy-to-understand certification. This means, in short, that people can confidently buy durable natural fur.

“Furmark® provides global and recognized standards, directly to the consumer. “


The International Fur Federation (IFF), established in 1949, represents and regulates the global fur industry. It has 56 member associations in more than 40 countries around the world. The Federation promotes the sustainable natural fur trade and, as such, actively works to develop, implement and advance animal welfare and environmental standards.

The LVMH Group has brought invaluable expertise and time over the past 4 years to help develop the Furmark® program: alongside other industry experts and stakeholders, sustainability professionals from both groups have provided comments and comments on the requirements defined in the protocols defining the standards and certification programs. recognized under the Furmark program and shared their standards on the safe use of chemicals in dyeing fur. Brands have also collaborated with traceability platforms, including the ChainPoint system, through the provision of data to develop a robust reporting process. This work is supported by the Furmark® Steering Group, which follows strict governance rules.

Research cited: 5,000 adults; key markets – United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Spain; March-April 2021; Mitchla Marketing on behalf of the IFF.

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