Greater Cincinnati Owners Can Relocate Their Pets Without Leaving Them At A Shelter With Cincinnati’s New Animal CARE Website

Zoey is a 2 year old Grand Pyrenees mix and is available on Home To Home.Photo:

For a number of reasons, a pet owner may need to find a new home for their pet. And this reality can be as traumatic for the owner as it is for the animal, especially if it means the animal has to move to the shelter while it waits for its new home forever.

To help “give pet owners who can no longer keep their animals the opportunity to find new loving homes without having to hand them over to the shelter,” Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society – The Hamilton County Animal Care Group – launched the website From home to home.

Home To Home is a dog, cat, and other pet placement site where owners can fill out an online form with pet information and a photo, and those looking for a new pet can browse the bios. There is no relocation fee, and current owners can contact potential new parents directly to find the best fit.

“There has been a steady increase in homeowner buyouts over the past year. We see the immense stress people go through when they have to abandon their dogs or cats to us. And while we like to think of our shelter as a happy place, it is not a home and can be stressful for the animals, ”said Meaghan Colville, director of rescue operations at Cincinnati Animal CARE, in a statement.

Colville says the # 1 reason owners leave their pets at the shelter is an “inevitable change in living conditions.” And if owners need to find a new family for their pet due to a move or relocation, they can try this service first before handing the pet over.

Cincinnati Animal CARE moderates the site and helps promote available pets on its Facebook page.

In addition to providing a potentially less stressful situation, Home To Home also frees up space in Cincinnati Animal CARE’s Northside Shelter for animals that need to attend, such as “stray animals and those suffering from neglect or neglect. abuse, “the organization said in a statement. .

Ray Anderson, head of media and community relations for Cincinnati Animal CARE, said there are currently nine animals posted on Home To Home. And the refuge itself is “code red” – and has been since June.

Cincinnati Animal CARE is committed to no killing and, for the welfare of the animals, aims to house only one dog per kennel. He considers the shelter to be “code red” when there are 10 or less empty kennels.

“The code red level is the worst it has ever been. Yesterday the number was -26 open kennels, with every emergency kennel used, every office used and pop-up crates used throughout the facility. wherever there is air conditioning, ”said Anderson CityBeat. “We have taken in 209 animals in the last 10 days, which is essentially our total capacity as a shelter for dogs and cats. ”

Cincinnati Animal CARE is open from noon to 6 p.m. daily for walk-in adoptions. Civil servants are also active search for foster families for the animals in the refuge.

And, regardless of the status of the “code,” Cincinnati Animal CARE says that if an animal needs to be returned to the shelter, call community support staff at 513-541-7387.

Home To Home is a national network and the Cincinnati Animal CARE site is funded by a grant from the Maddie Fund.

Cincinnati Animal CARE is located at 3949 Colerain Ave., Northside, Visit Home To Home at

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