Greece bans halal slaughter because it is inhumane

Kosher and Halal massacres were banned by the Supreme Court in Greece, which called them inhuman. Notably, the court’s decision comes after the Pan-Hellenic Federation for Animal Welfare and the Environment approached it to demand that a ministerial decision exempting religious slaughter from a Greek law be overturned.

Greek court bans kosher, halal massacres

The Hellenic Council of State, the highest Greek judicial body, announced the decision while calling these methods of slaughter inhumane because, according to these methods, the animals were killed without being anesthetized.

“The courts have ruled that the religious preparation of animal products does not outweigh the welfare of those animals, and ruled that the exemption was a violation of the law’s requirement to slaughter the animals. animals under anesthesia. The court has left it to the government to regulate the relationship between animal rights and religious freedom, and they will preside over the practices of slaughterhouses across the country ”,

The president of the European Jewish Association, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, said it was a direct attack on Jewish religious freedom, pointing out that the trend that started in Belgium and was later adopted by the Poland and Cyprus has now arrived in Greece. He added that institutions and governments that are committed to protecting Jewish communities are themselves attacking Jewish religious beliefs.

Religious beliefs vs animal rights

Animal rights organizations have argued that animal welfare should take precedence over religious concerns and therefore kosher and halal slaughter that causes trauma to killed animals should be removed.

Religious slaughter is at the heart of Islam and Judaism, which set strict rules on how and which animals can be slaughtered for food. According to Jewish laws, kosher meat is meat where the animal is only killed by a Jew. In addition, separate containers should be used for meat and dairy products. These two are the basic rules apart from several others to follow according to Jewish customs.

Halal is the Arabic term for anything that is “permitted” under Islamic law as stated in the Quran. There are also several rules in this form of slaughter, the most important of which is The Islamic prayer known as Shahada is to be recited to “bless” the meat and make it fit for consumption by Muslims.

The Halal method of slaughter is considered tortuous and cruel as the animal is left to die slowly and painfully, in a pool of blood, after the vessels in its neck have been split open to drain its life and blood. Its trachea and food tube are also split, mostly partially, through which the animal continually screams and struggles to stay alive.

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