Hackers Connect Shock Collars to Sega Genesis Controllers


You undoubtedly have had some experience with game controllers that growl, vibrate, or provide feedback when you go wrong. A pair of French hackers took things to the next level. Instead of a minor physical feedback that only informs you of your mistake (like you didn’t already know, Silly Controller!), Dyak and Furrtek have implemented a system that inflicts pain when you are affected.

The couple got their hands on some electric collars that some dog owners use to teach their dogs not to bark all day long when they’re not at home. The idea is that the collar delivers a shock to the dog when it barks. The dog then begins to associate the barking with the pain of the shock and stops barking unnecessarily. Except in this case, instead of a dog, they put the collars on themselves. They hacked their Sega Genesis console to signal the controllers when they took a hit. This signal would result in a shock of the dog collar.

Check out the video of their exploits below. To learn more about how they did it, check out our Furrtek.org (Google Translate disclaimer: original text is in French).

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