Halo Infinite release date is December 8 for campaign and multiplayer – report

It looks like Halo Infinite’s campaign mode will release on December 8th. A supposed listing from the Xbox Store reportedly revealed the date, and as a result of this, Xbox insider and The Verge reporter Tom Warren confirmed it. “Yes, Halo Infinite is December 8,” Warren said in a tweet. [The Verge has subsequently ran a story saying campaign and multiplayer will launch on December 8]

Warren has accurately reported on unannounced Xbox projects and news in the past, but as usual, the date of December 8 is not officially confirmed at this point. The product page on Xbox.com currently shows a placeholder date of December 31.

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Parts of the Halo community have shared their disappointment over a December release date to be later than they would have liked. The 20th anniversary of Halo and the Xbox is November 15, but there has never been any indication or suggestion that Microsoft would launch Halo Infinite on or near that day to celebrate this milestone.

A December release date would be the last of the year for a main Halo game. Halo: Combat Evolved launched in November 2001, Halo 2 debuted in November 2004, Halo 3 released in September 2007, and Halo 4 launched in November 2008. Halo 5, which is the final entry in the main series , was created in October 2015.

The product page with the December 8 release date only mentions the campaign and not the multiplayer, which is a separate, standalone package released for free on Xbox and PC. The in-game campaign is included with Xbox Game Pass and can also be purchased on its own. The Verge subsequently reported that the campaign and multiplayer will launch on December 8.

Microsoft Gamescom’s briefing on Tuesday did not include any news or updates on Halo Infinite. Some expect Microsoft to reveal the Halo Infinite release date at Geoff Keighley’s Gamescom Opening Night Live event today, August 25, from 10:30 a.m. PT / 1:30 p.m. ET. But so far, Microsoft has not given any indication or teased that it will share any information about Halo during the show.

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