Hundreds of animals, dozens of species found undernourished, resorting to eating tree bark on a Normandy ranch

NORMAN, Oklahoma (KFOR) – More than 300 exotic and farm animals, 80 different species in all, were seized from a farm in Norman after authorities alleged the animals were so hungry they were eating the bark of the neighboring trees.

Now homeowners could be forced to pay Cleveland County more than $ 100,000.

The Animals of Rock Creek Farm is located near E. Rock Creek and 60e, but his cages are now empty.

Neighbors told News 4 that for the past two weeks the quiet stretch of road has been lined with around 20 police cars and animal control vehicles as authorities spend hours confiscating everything, including kangaroos, camels, African bats, otters, antelopes, yaks, and zebra mixes.

Court documents claim that “most of these animals have been deprived of food, water, shelter and veterinary care.”

Two baby ibex died soon after.

News 4 tried to reach out to the owners for their side of the story. A post to the Facebook page was greeted with an automatic reply that was called a farm that “saves the aliens” and is currently not open to the public.

The owners never responded to requests, but the Facebook page was later taken down.

According to court documents, “the animals have been placed in the care and custody of the Normandy Animal Welfare Division, animal rescue groups or community volunteers” and that “veterinary care is provided to all”.

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On Tuesday, the owners of the farm are due in court for a bail hearing when it can be determined that they owe the city more than $ 100,000 for veterinary care and boarding for all animals.

Normandy police said they are still investigating whether the animals have been mistreated or criminally neglected.

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