In 1st Re-Election Campaign Announcement, LaToya Cantrell Says She “Had To Make Difficult Calls” During COVID | Local politics

Mayor LaToya Cantrell will praise her leadership during the coronavirus pandemic in a television commercial that airs Thursday, the first of a re-election campaign in which she will seek to sell voters the successes of her first term.

In an ad that will air during the NBA Finals Thursday and Sunday night and on other platforms in the coming weeks, Cantrell reflects on New Orleans’ status as a COVID-19 hotspot last year and on measures it has taken – sometimes unpopular – to control the spread of the disease.

The mayor also highlighted the need for better paying jobs for municipal workers, improvements in public health outcomes and new technologies in the city in the coming years.

“When we had to make tough calls, we were ahead of the state of Louisiana. And we had a backfire,” Cantrell says in the video, as footage shows her announcing a stay-at-home order. in March 2020.

“But it was necessary. Leadership is making that decision that is in the best interests of the people you serve. That doesn’t mean it’s comfortable every time you do it, but we save money. lives because of these decisions. ”

The announcement is meant to set the tone for the campaign in the week leading up to the start of qualifying for the October 9 primary and to remind Cantrell of Cantrell’s track record during one of the most difficult times in the city’s history.

In six months, Mayor LaToya Cantrell will be on the ballot again, asking voters for a second term.

Cantrell doesn’t expect to face a top opponent, although she will have at least one challenger in business owner Leilani Heno.

The mayor should nevertheless detail the achievements of her first term and argue that the city, without being a utopia, is on a positive trajectory under her administration.

Crime, infrastructure, economic development and affordable housing are probably the top priorities for voters, as was the case in previous elections. The city also faces the additional challenge of economically recovering from the pandemic.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell listens to New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Shaun Ferguson during a press conference on the Crime Reduction Plan at New Orleans City Hall on Tuesday June 29, 2021. (Photo by Sophia Germer,, The Times- Picayune | The New Orleans Lawyer)

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In recent weeks, Cantrell and his lieutenants have publicly pledged to spend federal COVID-19 relief dollars on hiring and equipping police and on housing assistance. They also highlighted the benefits of a planned $ 75 million sewer and water substation, which will be built at the agency’s Carrollton water plant by 2023.

“We are running on Mayor Cantrell’s record for success – making the tough calls that saved lives in COVID, fighting for the city’s fair share in Baton Rouge, making the forward-looking investments in our infrastructure that previous mayors did have overlooked, “campaign manager Maggie Carroll said in a statement.

Screenshot of the campaign announcement

An image from Cantrell’s campaign ad, Thursday, July 8, 2021.

A two-minute version of the ad will be released digitally, while one-minute, 30-second and 15-second versions of the ad will air on television during the NBA Finals this weekend and in the morning news broadcasts over the next two weeks, a campaign spokesperson added. Billboards are also planned.

Information on the cost of television advertising or airtime was not available. Cantrell’s campaign brought in nearly $ 430,000 on hand during the last reporting period.

The campaign brought together a team of familiar faces. Besides Carroll, who led Cantrell’s campaign in 2017, Bill Rouselle will serve as a strategic consultant, having played a similar role for Cantrell in the 2017 race.

A mix of political veterans and lesser-known movers fill LaToya Cantrell's campaign team

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Kristine Breithaupt, spokesperson for Cantrell’s Political Action Committee, will manage campaign communications. Veteran pollster Silas Lee, another member of the 2017 team, will serve as the campaign demographer.

Tanya Haynes will return as Cantrell’s image consultant and Hudson Pacific’s Andrew Sullivan will be their national consultant. Greg Rigamer will manage voter data and targeting. The campaign will also hire a field director and other internal staff, Breithaupt said.

A report on campaign finances is due Monday.

Qualifications for the municipal elections begin on Wednesday.

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