Isn’t the problem with the “Halo Infinite” co-op campaign obvious?

This week, 343 disappointed many Halo fans when they announced that Halo Infinite would launch without both a co-op campaign and Forge Mode, which will arrive 3 and 6 months later after launch, respectively.

As a result of this, an article appeared on reddit, claiming to be from a 343 developer, detailing what was going on and why it was happening. He is entirely it’s possible that this is fan fiction, written to fuel recent fears, and I’ve been around long enough to see this sort of thing faked more than once.

While this isn’t interpreted as particularly inflammatory, and true or not, it kind of makes a pretty good point about the potential problem with a co-op campaign this time around.

“To put it bluntly, no one thought about how this would work,” the alleged developer said.

The main issue here, and the difference between Infinite and previous games, seems pretty obvious. That this is the first true “open world” Halo game when previous installments were a much more linear collection of levels.

It would appear that Halo’s campaign is all about exploring the vast areas of the map and completing numerous objectives in any order you choose, instead of having clear, singular objectives and levels to go through. So that’s a design challenge that the series hasn’t really faced before. While in theory you could have a bunch of teammates sticking together and tackling things one by one, you need to consider players wandering off or falling behind or any number of scenarios.

So this leads to a number of problems and potential solutions, many of which are tricky:

  • Do you tie the groups together and force them not to stray too far?
  • Have you set any respawn points on the map where players resurrect when they die?
  • How do you deal with checkpoints when different team members participate in different meetings?
  • Are you respawning players directly onto still alive players, creating potential issues in combat?

I can’t read all of these issues and think about Destiny, a game that lets players explore large areas together, but they solve this problem with a combination of a few things. Namely, dead players can be manually revived by survivors, or if not, will respawn nearby. And when transferring instances to new parts of the map, players are “pulled forward” with a teleportation system.

And yet, it’s easy to see how Halo isn’t quite the same. Destiny Patrol Mode, for example, does not have any “checkpoints” to worry about as it is a shared space live not only with your team, but also with others in the community. area, and encounters with checkpoints. are contained in a more linear level design, most of the time. It’s unclear exactly what the shape or size of Halo Infinite’s campaign map is. Some areas in Destiny are quite large, yes, but if Halo has some sort of sprawling Just Cause-style map with no loading between areas, I can see how that would create issues with a “draw teammates into your instance” system like … it shouldn’t be separate instances in the first place.

In short, while co-op is “essential” for Halo as a series, and even if this developer confession is wrong, it stands to reason that 343 faces a challenge unique to the series that it never has. treated before, and I am not surprised that it is difficult to find a solution. Again, it doesn’t look like Infinite is being delayed again for this to work, but I’m also not sure that a three month window for the co-op’s arrival will be a guarantee either.

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