Kennel Club urges government to move forward on plan to ban shock collars

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Following a failed legal challenge to their ban in court, the Kennel Club is urging the government to move forward with its plan to ban shock collars.

On May 14, the appeals court ruled that Defra’s decision to ban the necklaces was neither illogical nor unreasonable.

“The Kennel Club urges the government to move forward with its plan to ban shock collars. “

The Kennel Club’s director of public affairs, Ed Hayes, said: “The judgment of the Court of Appeal should be the last step on this relentless road to ban the use of electric collars in England and we have written to the Minister. to urge him. that strong words and commitments quickly turn into action. We are delighted that the government has made a commitment to ban these unnecessary and cruel devices in its action plan. Research shows that a reward-based approach is more effective than delivering painful electric shocks when training dogs and leading veterinary organizations in the UK and Europe oppose shock collars. We have been lobbying the UK government and decentralized administrations a lot for years on this issue. The government had previously pledged to ban these harmful devices; however, the legal challenge, which has now finally been closed, had significantly delayed Defra from taking action. There is no more room to lose momentum in favor of the ban. “

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