Last-Minute Legislation Goes Against Original Animal Welfare Law


A last-minute legislative agreement was reached to rewrite some of the key points of a voter-approved animal welfare law. The law was established to ensure that slaughter animals and laying hens have humane housing.

This would ensure that the animals like pigs will have plenty of room to live comfortably, giving them the ability to lie down, turn around and move around as they please. It would also require laying hens to have a single square foot floor space per bird and encourage them to stay cage-free. This would allow them to move around as they please and have a better quality of life.

Last minute changes were made to facilitate scarcity fears because people were concerned that the new requirements would reduce the amount of meat and eggs sold.

This setback has upset animal and conservationists. Bradley Millergeneral manager of the Human Agriculture Associationcalled the legislation, “a devastating setback for farm animal protections and a major betrayal of Massachusetts voters.”

Changes to the way pigs are raised will experience a 7 months latekeeping pigs locked up in inhumanely small pens.

Miller said, “This so-called compromise of delaying promulgation for seven and a half months is a farce. This will be changed once the legislature returns to session. You can count on the pork industry to push this date even further.

Many animal welfare groups and activists strongly believe that these delays only give these industries time to circumvent the new animal welfare law, as the rewrites do not provide the human measurements voters wanted.

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