Ludwig banned by YouTube for “child safety” concerns, broken footage

A week after being banned from Instagram, Twitch streamer Ludwig is banned from YouTube for a week due to “child safety” concerns.

Lately it seems that Tic streamer Ludwig Ahgren can’t take a break. His subathon a few months ago broke records that have propelled Ludwig to new heights of popularity, although the variety streamer has had a few hiccups recently. Just a week after his 7-day ban from Instagram, Ludwig was given a similarly lengthy ban from YouTube.

The Instagram ban, while bizarre, was at least to be expected. Despite the pleasant nature of the photo, there’s a good chance it was deemed inappropriate as it was quickly taken down by Instagram. While the exact reasons for the post or the exact rule Ludwig violated have not been made clear, today marks the end of his ban from the social media platform. This is unbelievable timing, as it looks like YouTube took its own punishment on Ludwig after one of his videos was flagged for “child safety.”

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On Twitter, Ludwig confirmed that not only had he been given a weeklong ban, but that he would not be able to upload videos, making it the first time he has not uploaded a video in nearly 2 years. The Twitch streamer noted that this would effectively end its 618-day download streak, making the matter a bit grim for its fan base.

Thankfully, the direct tagging of Team YouTube’s Twitter account drew a surprisingly quick response. Hours after Ludwig made the tweet, YouTube responded and confirmed that the video in question had been forwarded to the team for review. Two hours later, the team confirmed that Ludwig’s YouTube account had been restored and the video re-established, but with an age limit.

Anyone can guess which rule was broken, although looking at Ludwig’s YouTube channel makes things a bit clearer. Recently, the Twitch streamer posted a video of his most recent showcase, where he tested shockproof dog collars on himself. It would appear that the easy to obtain nature of Amazon dog collars is a concern for YouTube when it comes to kids. Ludwig is a streamer who likes to entertain his audience, although compared to Twitch it might have gone a bit too far for YouTube.

One fact that can be fully debunked is that this is probably unrelated to Ludwig’s Instagram ban. He and his girlfriend QTCinderella saw Instagram take action against them, but in QT’s case, it was due to malicious false reports. For Tic streamer Ludwig, it seems his humor is as crass as it is healthy and entertaining.

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