Marc Métral Still Plays With ‘BGT’ Talking Dog After Animal Welfare Investigation


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It’s hard to forget that ventriloquist dog number from England has an incredible talent. The audience and the judges were stunned by Marc Métral and Miss Wendy, who posed as a talking dog. Their act was a bit too realistic, which made fans worried about Wendy’s health.

the The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has been contacted by Simon Cowell after fans drew his attention to animal cruelty during their season of BGT. People believed at the time that the 61-year-old was abusing his dog. Fans thought Miss Wendy was shaking during her first stage performance in 2015 as if she was scared.

The RSPCA is involved in BGT dog law

Their unique act includes a remote-controlled mouth that is placed on Miss Wendy. During the act, Métral acts as if the dog were a ventriloquist dummy. Métral is so successful in hiding the remote control that it looks like it is actually talking.

In 2015, Simon Cowell explained the situation on Twitter, in a very long chain of tweets:

“I’ve been thinking about the dog act a lot on our show tonight. It’s no secret that I love animals,” Cowell tweeted.

“I believe if you can show that animals have personalities, more people will respect them and be compassionate.”

Cowell then shared that the show contacted the RSPCA: “We asked the RSPCA to see Wendy in rehearsal and I was told she was happy and well cared for.”

He then went on to thank fans for their concern about it. BGT dog act. He wanted to make sure his fans knew he was taking the subject very seriously.

From there Métral continued to defend himself saying that he had worked with Wendy since she was a puppy.

“She loves to play and I would never put her in a situation that would cause her distress,” he said. “She’s excited when we go to work and is always comfortable on stage.”

The dog-owner duo ended up making it to the semi-finals of BGT before being eliminated by public vote.

Duos Stage Days are not over

Métral and Miss Wendy continue to perform to this day. Although Métral doesn’t use social media often, his Instagram is tagged in photos sharing recent performances. Including a post announcing performances in April 2019.

“Marc Métral has become a phenomenon thanks to his act of living talking dog, presented in the program England has an incredible talent“says S2AProduction in their instagram caption translated. “You can reserve your tickets to discover this international artist on April 9, 2021 in #ablis near #rambouillet”

In addition to that, Métral and Miss Wendy returned to the world of talent show in 2020. They auditioned for France has talent: the battle of the judges June 23. This To have talent show acts of hosts who are previous winners, runners-up, semi-finalists and finalists. This format similar to America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

As it has been so long since their first BGT performanceit’s unclear if their dog act is exactly the same as when they were on BGTor not.

This audition was not in English since it was on France has talent, some fans have therefore noticed a different dialectic in the voice of Métral. With five years between their TV performances, the now 66-year-old ventriloquist has a different voice than he had in BGT. The voices of him and Miss Wendy were much lower than they were BGTbut it could be due to language change or aging.

Fans have noticed that Miss Wendy is still alive and kicking around on this show. Métral also did not share the age of his dog BGTor France has talent. He did, however, mention that she had it since she was two months old. Unfortunately, Métral and Miss Wendy were eliminated after their first performance on this show.

Miss Wendy, where are you girl?

As Métral does not use social networks, the last time we saw him was in a tagged photo. On July 4, he was tagged in a photo by Emmanuelle Bonneman on Instagram. You’ll quickly notice one thing about this photo, Miss Wendy is not in it.

“Last night, 500 people attended a dinner show with a superb line-up of artists happy to finally be able to perform on stage,” Bonneman said in his instagram caption translated. “Thank you to the artistic company Cénomane for the organization and to the artists, Quentin Godet, Guillaume Juncar, Marc Métral…”

Where was the mention of Miss Wendy?! I hope she is still healthy and we just don’t know because of Métral’s absence on social media. It would be tragic if the best ventriloquist dog in the world died without anyone knowing.

I am happy to see the dog’s owner continue to perform, even in his old age. It was obvious that acting came naturally to him from the first time he stepped on BGTis the scene. I hope he can keep playing for as long as he wants, even though Miss Wendy is no longer in the picture.

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