Mattress Firm x St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center for National Dog Day


August 26 is National Dog Day and in honor of our furry friends, Mattress Firm has partnered with St. Hubert Animal Welfare Center and The Dogist to help a number of dogs find their home. And not only that, but current dog parents can do something really special for their puppies too.

According to the press release published by Mattress Firm in collaboration with The Dogist and St. Hubert, nine dogs up for adoption have had professional photos (special thanks to The Dogist of course) taken in order to spread the word that they are looking for a new home. The photos have been posted to the brand’s Instagram account (also tagging the other bands) along with information on how interested pet owners can contact St. Hubert’s to find out more about how to adopt these furry babies.

As a bonus to help connect these pups to their new parent, Mattress Firm will actually cover the adoption costs! This is a great opportunity to share the mission of St. Hubert and bring pooches into new homes.

But that’s not the only way Mattress Firm is celebrating National Dog Day. So how do they celebrate all things canine?

Mattress Firm celebrates National Dog Day in style

Image courtesy of Mattress Firm

According to Instagram post where the partnership was announced, it was revealed that

To further celebrate #InternationalDogDay, tell your human to buy a mattress from select NYC @mattressfirm stores worth at least $1,000 and they’ll send you a free dog bed!

This might just be the ultimate National Dog Day celebration. Not only because of the possibility of getting a very special dog bed to match your own mattress purchase, but also because of the possibility of helping some four-legged friends find their forever homes. We’re all about those adoptable moments and helping a good cause.

Firm mattress

Image courtesy of Mattress Firm

Perhaps the only thing that’s too bad is that this offer for a free dog bed is only available in the tri-state area. Otherwise, it’s such an amazing partnership and a great way to raise awareness for both the St. Hubert Animal Welfare Center and the dogs in need of new homes.

But we want to know what you think of this National Dog Day partnership. Are you in the NYC area? Do you need a new mattress?


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