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The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) said Nigeria needs to implement the best practices of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) to access the international market.

FMARD presented its submission at a National Animal Welfare Workshop in Lagos to sensitize stakeholders to promote and advance animal welfare in the country.

Under the theme: “Relevance of Animal Welfare in Nigeria”, the workshop was organized by the Department of Veterinary Services and Pest Management, in collaboration with the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE).

Director of the Federal Department of Veterinary and Pest Control Services, Dr Olaniran Alabi, who was represented by Deputy Director Dr Modupeola Ogunnoiki, said it is important to treat animals humanely because “we use them for food, work or as companions”. .”

His words: “The need to ensure that our farm animals enjoy good animal welfare during breeding, transport and slaughter cannot be overemphasized.

“Good animal welfare practices, which improve the quality of animal products available for human consumption, are a major concern of the department and as such the department is stepping up its efforts to introduce global best practices into implementation of the Nigerian Animal Welfare Strategy”.

Alabi noted that the Animal Welfare Strategy approved by the National Council of Agriculture in 2016 provides guidance for the development of action plans to implement existing OIE guidelines and standards as well. a roadmap for the development of future animal welfare policies.

He added, “The Department of Veterinary Services and Pest Management has taken the first steps in implementing the strategy and is organizing this sensitization/sensitization workshop for relevant stakeholders on good animal welfare practices.

“Today’s (yesterday’s) national workshop is a step in the right direction and should go a long way to ensuring that safe, healthy and affordable livestock and poultry products are available for our local market and possible export. “

For her part, Lagos State Commissioner for Agriculture, Ms. Abisola Olusanya, said the scheme came at a time when the state government had signed into law two crucial bills – the Lagos State Animals 2022 and the Lagos State Anti-Grazing Act 2021 -.

“A careful examination of the details of these two laws would reveal the importance of animal welfare in our daily activities.”

“The workshop is timely, well on topic and coincides with existing realities in the field of practice,” added the Commissioner, who was represented by the Director of Veterinary Services and Pest Management, Dr. Rasheed Macaulay.


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