“Most Animal Abuse Calls Made In Summer – Support Our End Cruelty Campaign”

The Mirror has partnered with the RSPCA to support its new campaign, Cancel Out Cruelty, to reduce horrific incidents against pets by 50% by 2030.

He also hopes to raise more funds to help keep the association’s rescuers on the front line, saving the animals from the worst cruelty and neglect.

Here, RSPCA CEO Chris Sherwood explains why the campaign was necessary and how it will protect animals like Max, above.

Our frontline rescue teams are unfortunately too accustomed to dealing with heart-wrenching cruelties such as beaten and abused kittens, drowned dogs and slaughtered or torched wild animals, but every summer we see the calls to our hotline increase further. more.

RSPCA chief executive Chris Sherwood says hotline calls always increase in summer

Whether it’s more people to report the cruelty, the consequences of drinking during the day, or perhaps the boredom and stress of family life amplified by the long vacation, over the course of these months we see more calls and more pressure on our teams to reach animals in need. .

That’s why we launched our Cancel Out Cruelty campaign this summer.

Most of us cannot imagine hurting an animal and many of us have a renewed appreciation for our pets and the wildlife around us after the great comfort they provided during the pandemic.

But there are those who just don’t believe animals deserve compassion and respect.

A survey of our frontline rescue workers found that 73% of them believed people commit acts of cruelty because they don’t believe animals are sentient beings.

This is so wrong, animals have emotions, feelings and needs.

Teaching animal welfare in schools is essential to grow a new, more animal-friendly generation

This is why education is essential to prevent cruelty in the future – we need to make sure that children grow up understanding the needs of animals and how to care for them properly.

That’s why we believe teaching animal welfare in schools is essential to nurturing a new, more animal-friendly generation and we are proud to partner with the Daily Mirror to end cruelty to animals.

Our campaign demands:

  • Protect animals from brutal acts of cruelty by humans
  • End pets offered as prizes
  • Animal welfare courses to be included in the school curriculum

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